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One is a great example where okay you have a structure and a system that set up that excludes people human beings just in general white people to what straight white guys well. It's exclusionary because like a union is a good example which is supposed to be a form of solidarity for good reason but at the same time when you have that pool. And there's only so much work then. It becomes exclusion and to a certain point and traditionally that exclusion has kept out lots of different human beings but most specifically women and other marginalized people. So how do you break through those structures and through systems. It's going to be messy and difficult and it's going to take time and then the question becomes well how much time on the fuck because the waiting for a long. That's obviously a lotta people say and rightfully so which is how much time do you let the james baldwin quote like how much time you fucking need like at a certain point we're gonna come in and burnt down and that's what we're seeing and i believe that the culture and the community again. Maybe this is just maybe too selfish. But i think our shit is better because of it because we are whether we were forced into it or not we are now in a position where we we have to listen to other points of view and then when you have seven or eight different points of view of really funny really talented people together. That's just automatically going to make your ship better. So why not. Why aren't you embracing that. I don't understand. i think there's a fear of losing out. If i add someone that's not like the main quality. What comedy for me like when i like for years and years. Stand up comedy. I would only until we got a female booker at only clubs. I would only get booked on shows. They were all women like all women show only for women because there was no way that a man they're not gonna relate to you they're going to find your funding so you only get that for so long. I think people are really scared to give well. Then whoever was booking that i mean you're the best person bookings going you're actually in a weird way you're being sexist and phobic but you're also being sexist towards the men that are coming to see the show 'cause you think all men are phobic all men don't think that someone that to me. There's a lot of. i'm just going to defend. The white man restrained quick. I will say once again and there's a lot of sexism and going like oh guys won't find that funny. No that's you guys. you're plenty. I mean all my guy friends secure. The funniest had the same thing correct. You don't and here comes.

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