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Twenty plus years of experience in the technology industry focused on a strategic planning, joint ventures, divestitures, international expansion, and strategic partnerships. He's led all aspects of thirty five plus acquisitions divestitures and strategic investments with an aggregate value exceeding eight billion dollars a little bit more with the recently announced deal. So maybe eight nine to change I do. Today, we're going to discuss how to build a line of corporate development team with multiple mandates. For example, corporate ventures, joint venture, strategic partnerships, a characteristic of all corporate development teams. Is that each is completely different from each other. Can you share view of your responsibilities in your specific role? Sure. Am thank you. I think it was great to hear the history of what I've done. It just makes me feel really old but you're right. Every corporate development function is different and it's been different for me from my days. To My years at log me into even at progress. When I would say that at progress we're executing on more of a total growth emanate strategy. So progress is great. Company has been around for over thirty five years and is very focused on looking for assets that have sufficient scale of that we can bring into our platform and leverage the strengths that we've built over those thirty five years including operational efficiency strengthen being able to sell to a broader base of customers. So it's different than. In the past where I was more focused on technology TUCK INS in looking for technology that I could bolt onto different product suites of products that we had, and so it's true. Each corporate development leader probably has a different mandate as to what its focus is and for us it's really finding assets that have the scale that can make an immediate impact on the business and where we can implement some of our strengths from an operational efficiency standpoint to make them work with our business model. So what do you do? I spent a lot of time working with the leaders in the company to really understand each of the different businesses. The company today is broken out into three core business units, and so I spend a lot of time working with the to them to really understand the strategy of those businesses but also understand more macro company Ma. Strategy is well aware we're focused in taking that. And then really understanding for progress understanding the entire infrastructure software ecosystem in as part of that, devops is a key component of that in really spending a lotta time understanding who the players in the different spaces, what are the key trends in those different spaces? How could it fit within progress in those respective spaces and then it's really around going out there in sourcing these opportunities I know a big part. Today's teams around relationships in building relationships, and for me, that's been a critical part of my success doing corporate development for as long as I have..

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