Senator Bob Corker, Senator, President Trump discussed on The Lead with Jake Tapper


And so i i don't expect up that will go very far would you support him if he is no no no not at all that's the last that's not our best foot forward as republicans right four knows essential four knows and are not at all is is pretty clear don't lastly sir your colleague tennessee senator bob corker has questioned the president stability and said that president trump debases our country were yesterday uh it seems like he's smoothed over the few during tax reform negotiations he was on air force one another republican senator who has been critical the president south carolina senator lindsey graham he wants call the president political car rack who quote scared the hell out of me now he's golfing with the president he often defends him you find yourself in a in a smaller circle of republicans who have been willing to criticize president trump what's going on or these other republicans bowing to political expediency or where they wrong to begin with what happened center corker casey's chairman of the foreign relations committee there are a number of pod items that we're going to be dealing with iranian sanctions north korea things that uh that are going to require that bob corker and the president worked together so on on glad that he's working with with the president where he can uh lindsey graham certainly on immigration he's he's working with the president and on a number of other issues as for myself i'll continue to work with the president what i can and criticize in what i must uh one thing that i've been critical of his his relationship with the truth and and all the same more about that on the senate floor in the coming days i think that's a it's something that we ought to be really concerned about when uh this issue of fake news is being used by authoritarian worldwide to justify cracking down on protesters or or labelling their opposition.

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