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I think our snow would probably be suited to spend the money where where they have enlarged Boras as left back Congas as a as a midfielder but again where where is now is i think these clubs have to take on booze and try and be smarter and and i think we'll get onto the the luxury villa in even brantford akande have great confidence in individuals. Look at what he recruited and to brentford of bruin than donald. D with also. I think there's still. There's three essential question marks there in seventy seventy seven pounds worth of purchase. And i think the name that they've been linked to his well like i wa. They've been linked to have for eighteen months now and it's like just go and get him. He's perfect for you. Just get that player. He's he's exactly what you need and with seemingly slow alongside party really nicely edged so definitely add and now the apparently odaguard is their number ten choice again after flirting with james madison. A little bit. They really think that was really weird. You know less. They're going to charge you for james. Madison was the point. After jack greenish has gone one hundred million lesser. Probably gonna want like seventy million for james. Madison is just going going. Get a while you'll get him for. Probably less than half of that. And then i think of right back is really essential and when you ask the question at the year is about denzel dumfries where he would end up and yeah okay. Maybe as process is going to be inflated but one and test the wars with pse and to see if if they can be tempted into releasing him because he would be a big upgrade and better. I think that's a good shop. Yeah lot ballerina feel. He got the arsenal drift. Seems to happen to a sways of players that just sail around there without really contributing into anything mortar but the is a good player throws a really good player in that. Just never never really shaw. What's going on with him. Never seems to be seen. Maybe it's just a case of injuries and coming out and be not rhythm. I think we spent on an awesome. Thanks very much. What was wishy grades where you give it like lighten. No more than a c can see minus last date last birthing depresses harsh. Consider memoirs potential nba stats. Say yeah okay. See minus. I'm onto must try harder. Must get mostly how my god..

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