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In vogue in passenger we should ask miss pat member that girl we had last week who was dropping and bombs left and right yeah oh this may do easy we have her on yes watch this video and i don't know well let's start there is there ever a time when it's okay for a white person to drop to end bomb lake lanier hang out right so neville this person's get real comfortable leg real comfortable just hear you watch oh that she looked c of o c right yeah but have you seen this already yeah she's ria that's the whole thing is actually said if we can hear that she's dating a black guy this is the way we played last week was driving in bumps in actually says she's dating a black guy so she feels like she can run riot played i haven't seen using the timing and malia pulse lemond guest label go home who mine get mine lie you just well he won't be this you have our new who i beards this is by the way the beginning of it on route fuck beefs why would you we don't know it's never pay any oh she real blais she blacker than me lil this beat is blake i mean you what can you say what a white girl guess she got this bids how close are middle he's on as i see way i mean she got the neck toys and look at a live we were talking about that is how familiar and like how she told you he more black day right have.

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