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On CBS Sports Radio. We've seen some wacky games in the NFL preseason so far, you'd think these games would be coin flips. Because so many backups are playing. At the half at Soldier Field, Historic Soldier Field. The Bills lead the Bears 34 to 6. 34 to 6. This is Mitch Strabinsky, who's getting the game for Buffalo. He is now Josh Allen's backup. Alan is not playing. Travis Key is 2028. For 221 yards and a touchdown. On the flip side, Andy Dalton. 11 17 1 Touchdown, one interception. He has 43 and outs in the first half. One long touchdown pass an interception. It's 34 to 6 bills. Justin Fields has not played in this game. What more do the Bears have to see from Andy Dalton to think that he's still the guy that's best equipped to be their starting quarterback? Week one. They are not a rebuilding team. They made the playoffs last year. Two years before that they lost the playoff game. To Philly, where the kick went off the up. The ball went off the upright. They're not in rebuild mode, the coach Nagy has to win. Now. The GM pace has to win now. They traded first round picks for Khalil Mack. They can't afford to take their time with fields. And I'm not even sure he's the type of quarterback that needs to wait. I make fields is going to have A pretty good career. I don't think he's going to be Aaron Rodgers or Anybody like that? I think he's going to be that next to your down. Where you find guys like Dak Prescott. Matthew Stafford, that next tier that next wave of quarterbacks where nobody thinks the guy is great. Like a hall of Famer that type. But quarterbacks that are looked at as good enough to win Super Bowls within guys that get huge money deals. Guys that you keep around as your franchise quarterback. We're talking about the rookie class of quarterbacks, and the guy you think is going to be the best one. When it's all said and done. I actually think it will be Trey Lance. Over Trevor Lawrence. In 20 years. The Jaguars have won three playoff games. In the last 20 years. I don't trust that franchise as far as I can throw it, which is not very far because I think I've worked out and lifted weights, maybe twice in the last year. I'm going to blame the pandemic for that. Here's Larry in Ohio on CBS Sports Radio. Hi, Larry House going Hey, Larry. What's up? Pretty good. A topic. You know, maybe first of all. All these kids playing a preseason the quarterbacks that is, then you really facing anybody, either. I mean, you're all the starters are basically sitting out because you know, we'll make sure they only get hurt. Well, it all depends. Some coaches are very, very, very scared to get guys injured like Sean McVeigh. Other guys like Bill Belichick play as starters into the fourth quarter, So you never know with these games right about the three quarterbacks and I'll tell you what I think, Lawrence. Justin, Philippine try to be a homer, Ohio State and that goes that thing. You do pretty well, All three of them will. I really don't. Now wait a second. Larry. Let me ask you a question, Larry. You sound like a smart guy, right? Why is it I said earlier, people get say Trey. Lance isn't going to play well because he went to the same college as Carson Wentz and Carson Wentz. Looks like he's going to be a bust as an NFL quarterback. Well, why Why is it that so many Ohio State quarterbacks? When is one of these Ohio State quarterback is going to break through and be good? Larry? When is that going to happen? Well, you're right. And I agree with you there too. I mean, the last person I think it was streets. I believe. The last person who into the codes, but there's what sleeps her back and bring it to a car. But he wasn't good. And he was betting on games which made it even worse. He was fixing games like Pete Rose. Yeah, you're right. I agree with you. Right? Ohio State that like you, Mr Archie Griffin, too. He's a great running back while the state but It made it big, but the one thing I had to Andrew about up Mac Jones. Sorry to take the offensive quarterback in Alabama was there with Kyle Shanahan back in Atlanta. I think what he did boys. He runs from offense to Alabama to open it up there. And when she did a great job doing Well, that's why people were surprised. What's that tell you What's that? Tell you the Sarkeesian and Shanahan, our friends and Shanahan still thought it was a good idea to pick Lance over him. How about that? Here's Brian in North Carolina on CBS. Sports Radio. Hi, Brian. Hey, what's up, man? Hey. Hey, thanks for taking my call. I just want to say a few things before I get going on the back thing. Um So first of all, I'm a bare sand and this game is just making me sick to my stomach. I have no idea why Nagy and pay still have jobs. Um It's that, But do you agree with do you agree with with uh, with with the statement? I made that if your pace and Nagy you don't have all kinds of job security. You've got to win this year, right? Yeah. You don't have any time to waste, Dude. I mean, they could have been out the door last year. Like as far as I'm concerned and what I Heard you say about fields is he doesn't need to wait. I think the guys ready to go like I mean, I know a lot of Ohio State quarterbacks haven't like came in and, you know, let it on the lid off the place. But like at the same time, I just think there's a little bit There's something a little different about him. I wish he had a tiny bit more height, maybe one or two inches. I know he's on a small guy. At the same time, the Bears have a good defense. They do. Do they have a good running back? We do David Montgomery, Right, so why not let fields go in there? You know that with Andy Dalton. Even the best case scenario is you're pretty much last year's bears. Well, you're the last team to make the playoffs, And that is the absolute best case scenario for them this year if Dalton plays And it makes me like sick to see that every year because we take one step back, and then we take three steps backwards. And I mean I saw on Twitter. Andy Dalton was like, Yeah, I think Justin Fields will have a good career. But it's my time now in Chicago, and I'm like, dude, who the hell is here? Oh, my God. You're not Jim McMahon. Dude, you're somebody that hasn't had a winning season in, like five years. The moustache is the same color as the orange on the uniform..

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