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Only donkey with reverse windmills. The hallway to practice in reverse. I don't recommend it. Move called the reverse. I do recommend. And it took me months to learn how to speak in reverse like this. Your ten almost for diabetes type two with living. Then has Moammar. In other words, my mom has been living with type two diabetes for almost ten years. So together, we want to say to the eighty four million Americans at risk exercise and healthy eating can help reverse prediabetes. Starbucks gonna simple woman at risk test. I do I have prediabetes dot org. Brought to you by the Ad Council and its prediabetes awareness partners. Betty can't say that in reverse. Hey, Kate on listeners, but talk of Las Vegas just got even strong because now you can listen to your favorite news talk station on the FM, diet, Katy Gallagher. Wendy's now also on one zero one point five on your FM. Dial like us on AM lobbies on FM. It's the same station the same grade lineup now on FM. Check it out the new one zero one five seven twenty eight K, Don. Talk of Las Vegas. The new one zero one five FM seven twenty AM K, Don. Ladies and gentlemen, like to take a second to.

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