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Money news now a certified financial planner Kelly brothers from Genevieve's Burford and brothers good morning to you would be watching this week still I guess just a little surprised the market the market it as completely discount the whole impeachment thing right yeah I mean we haven't seen a lot of fluctuations nothing I mean it's almost like they're saying all right that's that's Washington that's political theater in the house will convict in the Senate will acquit and on we go and there's just it's just amazing to me because to think it's happening for what the third time in the history of the country and the market just that is just completely bypassed but the market is looking at a few other things home builder confidence highest level in twenty years for home builders Boeing core to the wallstreet journal Maisie cut production of the seven thirty seven Max or temporarily stop making it they're still dealing with that which seems really strange to me that they could just take out that guidance system the M. Casson they just make the way east I mean the the old seven thirty sevens are just fine and the court all the experts this is one system that was put in that because the problems but we'll wait and see as it continues to cost Boeing airlines billions of dollars and Boeing is down about four percent today but that is not holding back the market the market which is moving higher in record territory mainly because last week we just got rid of a lot of things that were muddying up the waters include yeah and we've had to step more clarity on trade between the US and China and the U. S. and Canada and Mexico and the fed meeting is done and here we go into the close of the year the Dow up one ninety eight at twenty thousand three thirty three nasdaq up eighty eight eighty eight twenty three the S. and P. up twenty six points at a new record thirty one ninety five gold up to oil up a little bit ten year bond yield one point eight six percent R. Kelly thanks so much an entire Sacramento street could be up for sale got a record show that brunette lane in the Thomas neighborhood is privately owned by the river Dale north community association but they've only paid their annual property tax bill once in the last six years if the property tax is not paid the county can seize the property and put it up for auction homeowners association says they did know the property taxes were not being paid at the annual bills are being sent to the wrong address if the bill remains unpaid history will be sold to the highest.

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