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Eight north territorial ambassador bridge fifteen minute wait time commercial vehicles into the state's no major delays into canada tunnel looks good either way and other bluewater bridge a twenty minute wait times commercial vehicles into sarnia no major delays into deport here on wjr traffic first on the fives kgb from that kind of huge a kgb hold stretch other before his here the motor city ah even freeze tonight and gets even colder later this week chance for some rain or wet snow tomorrow highs in the upper 40s and then teens in 20s for thursday night and friday night in a vehicle start to the weekend ahead for the weather channel i'm meteorologist scott lawrimore loose talk seven sixty wjr one degrees this hour i'm marie osborne wjr news the next update's at eight o'clock or whenever news breaks uh this is where the newly presented by the michigan senator poor fertility and women's than i'm here with my co host after carol kowalczek and after qualtec i need a doctor yes chat live got laranjal well you got that had voice you you don't wanna keep talking uh i've seen our hey hat voice i can barely speak whenever i talk leg that my husband gives me the eyeballs like you know like hey hell hey so no i'll take it from here gene well room and women leave men's he's so we have two great guests on tonight dr bannon dr service you are going to give us some good information to get you guys to the doctors off this 'cause we love you we want you health debate we'll be right after these messages gene i do not many socalled human capital solutions are actually just stitch together applications that don't even talk to one another but with cronos hc and you.

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