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The prince thought he was taking vicodin to manage pain but unknowingly took counterfeit pills laced with fence and so with issues of bathroom privileges and rights going viral that brings us to a case in louisiana where police say a woman came home to discover a naked stranger inner tub eating her cheetos while taking a bath so they say the twenty nine year old evelyn washington was arrested on all kinds of char property damage charges trespassing charges and they say that officers responded to this woman naked in a full tub of water and yes a plate of food along with half eaten cheetos belonging the victim so the homeowner was not happy called police and an arrest was made i'm sorry but i don't think that police should have to respond if somebody's in your bathtub eating cheetos that's not the role of the police no nah if they reading doritos in your best different but she does you know i mean somebody your cheetos in your bathtub naked in the bathroom in the bathtub who wants to be the competent that call right slippery patrick separate cheetos eating health not out of the bathtub drain the tub you get the ring that's terrible actually for now you should send in the national guard forget the police saris rises above the role of a police officer one hundred first airborne division this let's check in now with meteorologist katie fehlinger and with more clouds overhead than anything it's pretty cold out there tonight you might still find a.

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