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I've never barred money. The I've never barred money because I think most people raise money or with high interest rates because they want shit faster. I want stuff slower. The bigger the am Bishen. The more patients you have to deploy. So that worked out a lot of this shit. I didn't realize at the time talk about a lot of stuff now is like it's hindsight, I can look back and be like, oh, so much came to be natural, you know. But I didn't have to deal with interest rates because I never looked to borrow money. I was I was willing to eat when I started being a media my company now it's gonna be a billion dollar company. It started in in a conference room and somebody else's company because they didn't want to pay rent. But I didn't because I wasn't worried about people coming to see a fancy office people just fronting all the time. Sir. So. Believing that. I've never doubted when I made the investment. I'm not writing some kid a twenty five fifty thousand dollar check because I doubt it. You know. Unfortunately, in that game, six months later, forget about doubt. You regret it. The biggest thing I learned was there was a lot of fake entrepreneurs. The biggest mistake I made was I was coaching and investing in thinking as if that person was me and I learned like I'd like the idea. I could see how they could do it, but they weren't me because I'd look on their Instagram and they're like at the beach on Friday afternoon and the first time I see that photo like I'm dead because they weren't even making money. They borrowed money, and the audacity is enormous. People go out of business. They write me an Email, dear, Gary. Sorry to inform. You looks like we'll be closing up shop our app as failed. We have seven thousand dollars left that's entitled to you. You You know. know, we're really sorry, but good news, good news. I learned a lot and in the future, maybe we can do something and I would reply like good news. You lost my hundred thousand dollars mother fucker, and there's just so much of that entitlement, you know. And so that's in the last four years I've gotten out. I've been building my business because there's so much fake entrepreneurship in the game. Guy..

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