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Oh. My That sorted out. Should. We talk about this to Patriots Touchdown Touchdown Greg Greg you've been really setting it up so great since he watches game. Takes their. Take us in the field. you got interrupt interrupting me. Thank you to pay me a picture. please. No pain picture payment. So end of the third quarter. When we got to score here. Pats down by twenty seven, sixteen, Twenty, seven, sixteen third down by eleven. Start out the fourth quarter by go on a long drive like A. Fifteen play drive that ends with a voluntary field goal very next drive. Day gave up a field goal of their own. So you're like, God is really isn't heading the direction you want it to go. Kick kickoff to the fifty. Yeah, yeah. And they to that field goal in? Did the joint. Got Me off. Don't Cammisa, CHICAGO It written down. All adenjer to I'd never heard of that did. Still haven't but Dan So you got about six and a half minutes left down by eleven. So you Kinda gotTa make something happen here. and. What is Brady do. Brady always dies. So drives him down there. What like the thirty five some around their yard line. Bears just send the absolute Haus have Brady and he's like. Back. Stepping backwards like throws it off his back foot and you're like, all God. Is Third. Downhill this is trouble. And like he it's one of those ones where like fall. Flat and like turn left and it goes over and he has the earn while it's in the air and Rana. Wheel. One Hand into his basket and what a catch and then. Clocks Earth. Kevin fog to me is the NBA game. He was looking good I will give you that. You see numbers. And Very. Very new, England offense of them. had seven catches for one hundred, nine yards in two touchdowns in five carries for twenty one yards. And no mistakes blitz pickup JANA numbers. Yeah. Yeah. That's. A Stud Patriots Friday. I did notice that. I don't know if the Patriots had seen something or what but they were running shit like drop droplets in this game. Yeah and it felt like. Kevin Faulk was getting a good amount of those yards on data draw screens, flats, routes, Anton Smith caught a bunch of balls in this game, which is weird. It felt like that. What was Anton? Smith numbers I just scrolled all the way down Andy kinds versa. Anton Smith Four catches for twenty four and ten carries for forty one. Try Brown. Seventeen targets. Eleven catches ninety yards, seventeen targets. Our our grade you back. While think, he had a tough tough day. Those coroners who are pretty good. Jerry. Jerry Zuma UNH product at baby. In the dark. The Shield Eiser who had a better name though Jerry Zuma or R W mcquarters? Sure her W mcnichols..

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