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Oh just rewatch the two thousand and one whatever and I'm like. Wow are we in the place where an football season hasn't started yet so? I'm still I haven't been affected by this because I guess I only a football fan but when we're football happens in this is what was going on like I will be devastated in in some fact by some factor and I think if you're into the anticipatory part of watching sports than you can venture into cycling and you know and see something that is you and and the fun thing about watching stuff that is a recap or recap in a in a sport. That is outside of your normal watching experience that you know. It's going to be incredible because somebody had to go back in time and pick it out of a plethora of options you know so they're gonNA pick the best ones. We only have a few months of this. Hopefully God exactly. Yeah that that will only need a few months of the best of the best fifty years of sports. So let's let's pick the best. What do we do for the second pandemic? We've already watched the best of everything right. I don't know well. You mentioned documentaries which sparked my memory because we binged on Sunday on Sunday of last week we binged MC millions. I was that the one on. Hbo that they're given for free exactly so. Hbo Gave Away. For Free for a month. Yeah this episode Documentary Miniseries WanNa see at the FBI agent in this if you just watch like the just watched the first episode and Doug Matthews. I've been watching all. We'll just watch the first episode to to wet the whistle and Doug Matthews in the beginning of this thing like okay. I will say something unpopular. I tried to watch tiger king. I tried to watch it and I couldn't. Oh yeah that's what I want to watch that when you can't get you can't get through. He's too like meth crazy. I can't I can't deal with like crazy meth head. You know guys conspiracy guys but Doug Matthews is an FBI agent. That just has like this panache this way about him. The just drew us in as a family and because they're a budget FBI agents. You're just like Oh this is like it's crime but it's like wholesome and like we watched it as a family on midday on Sunday and we started watching it and the kids are into it. And it's got this quirkiness to it and this. Fbi agent is walking into a meeting with a gold sued on. Because he's he's presenting the McDonald's case to his team. And it's and it's ridiculous right and my daughter says Oh that that that that thing where they do the reenactments that's really amazing storytelling device. That's the oldest piece of shit story case in the world but it works and they're doing it very well. Yes you're right but it's just such a trope that I was like. Oh like argies. Never seen reality television or never seen unsolved mysteries or any of these other shows that we grew up with where there's reenactments and I was like. Oh this is your first interaction with reenactments and you're you're finding value in a visual storytelling device. When you have interviews of people actually telling the stories that happened you need a second layer of visual storytelling. That is the reenactments and and it just plays out over six episodes but three episodes in the fourth episode. They start talking about the mob and gangsters and stuff in holding guns to people's heads and Bryce turns to me and he's like he's GonNa kill sign with his hand and I was like all right. I guess we're not watching anymore. This and I were so enthralled it. We put the kids to bed. Do we know about something else to cleanse my son's palate he can go to bed and then we put them in bed and we're like all right. Let's wait you know. Let's let's watch another episode and we watched the fourth episode exit. A cliffhanger like Ireland's wanted another and up till two o'clock in the morning finishing out the series you now and it was it was it was all that it was six six hours of. Your Life. It's amazing just do it. You GotTa taught me how to get on there. Because I'm not really sure but I know there's like ways to do it so and guess what if it's not free you know let's pay fifteen bucks and just pay for a month and just get it over with right. We've done that for a lot.

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