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Peace it gives. You mean I can't be sure. Expo Cry baby local stop it. And it's crazy little best, Luigi Man, ship of phone taps. We had to bring your mama's Yes. Casualty of war. You know the saying in some bystander, you gotta love it. How many times have we found to have your mom? Little bit more? About three times already, man? Oh, wait till we do the video Zoom tanks. They're coming in. 2021 can't wait. Hey, Lou, Is it hard for you this because I look at you and I see how You can't look me in the highland that boat everything. Or you could just like nervous laugh when I look at you, like Is it hard to listen to that one Tell yet if you saw me, Lauren, my volume on my headphones so free. Yeah, Yeah, I just can't ride. You don't need a room. Love it, man. That was your mash up of Louis. Phone taps right there, man you make you think he makes it is going down. Ladies and gentlemen, D J pick one is up in here with a big one big boy. Let's go like this, my bro before anything, Let's just say tanks. God a man did I just throw you off? That was throwing a novel or we're not going. Not now. I'm awful. What's happening here? Now let's go. I got that Chris Brown young thought. Go crazy that we're gonna do that New Thai dollar sign Post Malone spicy both coming up in this 92 minute Commercial Free Miki 50 mix I'm over here Being a drunkard man with dog make you figure makes right here Big boy's neighborhood. Wait. You work. Thank you Always put me first. Hey,.

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