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Welcome to the milo show hey guys so milo just got off a flight a few hours ago it's pretty tired so i guess i'll just go over the things that we're gonna do today on the mile show and just pull out my danny blocking here we've got him he's going to say some stuff about black lives matter he's going to be speaking with a hot chick mindy robinson he's going to be doing some stuff with zack on the hill and twitter says a radical the right facebook bans diamond and silk freaks and then let's see she mailed tranny dominating women's weightlifting until her arm broke and then we got clough world muslim mayor of london to ban knives so yeah so i don't know i don't know what he's actually gonna wake up i'll give them a few minutes maybe a get mindy on line yeah so that's only gonna i'm just gonna go break for like thirty seconds hope he wakes up by them but if he doesn't then i don't this guys looks pretty pre snug yeah all right so we've back and we'll just a few seconds right this is the milo show we'll be right back you're listening to the milo show started didn't you yep i had a long weekend meetings in california tori.

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