Horne, Haller discussed on The No Film School Podcast - 'Expect That Everything Will Go Wrong': How to Ensure Your First Short Film is the Best it Can Be


Yeah i think i do think that sort of it can be a bit of a mixed bag mmhmm um it depends on what you're going after i think um i think that definitely especially when it comes to crew yet and that's one thing which i think is very easy to kind of um get them excited about is because there are there in the industry been some regard usually yet um and the reason though work on it is because they're excited to work on this project of saying um or work with you or um does have the opportunity to collaborate yes um so that's something i think is extremely valuables kind of showing them why this is an exciting project working totally um i think that can definitely be the case with location owners or um people were it's like oh i need this very specific large prop where am i going to get that like we're am i going to get like a car haller yeah was one detail that we really wanted for horne was to have um this large kind of it bike really massive car holler yes and we're thinking where can we possibly obtain obviously we cannot rent such a thing yes um and so it's kind of like with some of those things you can get it people excited in a weird way animals like shirt yeah you want to put in the movie amac got a car karlar yeah it's gonna it's gonna be in the movie every waiting for this moment yet gaya people are all excited about like you know actually having some part of their life featured in a movie i think to yes some which is something that you know you shouldn't expoit but like.

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