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Picture of suits. He isn't a real boxer. he's a wrestler. he's an nba player. He's chook youtube is all time. Oh that's good. They were the nba player. Think i brought that. He wrote a play. They robbed saying robinson. We should feature that. I might put that. You don't want to put that quote for the newsletter and the weight center is always that i quite enjoyed everyone stopping salts. A lovely capitalists and all these all it was called raw raw mushin brawl most. Tm is up. god all right. Well i did on that. We'll see you back here. Oh we're doing other street right. Yes we'll do wednesday now most. You're looking at me. Five is Yeah it's seventy seven o'clock wednesday. Garrett bowles pitcher. Oh those and be ten renault. Seven o'clock game on wednesday kohl pitching ten and so yeah Yes petard of you. Fucking tune in for that was awesome We'll figure out a way for it to be super attractive. Gannon tudent same thing you through all out. You'll your us yet. But that's show. We'll be back here. This john sterling losing to shorthorn in sports.

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