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So our Casey did, I think that year, in fact. Right, well there you go. So many people are surprised he's obviously done a full one 80. Yeah, so listen. I kind of defended the route. But I also recall criticize it. We're not criticizing, but making the differentiation in that blog about the guys who are being paid large attempts to go, knows who weren't. And I think it's not that relevant because playing one tournament, like peli's alluded to that one tournament was it fit in. It was a part of it. It was part of the schedule, right? They were fitting in. It was very much just a little part of the schedule. And of course, it could well have grown and I think there was an option for there to be more Sally involvement, part of the European DP will tour. And it would always would have just been an ancillary part, the schedule. But what we see here would live that is not that. It's complete departure and it is a threat. So to me, it's entirely different, playing one tournament, which is part of a schedule, is entirely different to playing. A whole new whole new tournament series of 14 events obviously, I think that's pretty apparent for most people to see. Has this consumed conversation on the DP world tour kind of day to day? Is this something that you talk to other guys about? Whether they're considering it or just sort of observing it from the outside. Yeah, and a lot of people do talk about it and obviously with the nature of the announcements that are being made from Liv. It's cleverly done. You wonder who is in charge of the marketing is in charge of the messaging because they are, it's like they're trying to deal the PGA Tour and the DP will talk, slow death, by 10,000 paper cuts we're in.

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