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The prophet in two thousand five the publication in a danish newspaper of a dozen cartoons depicting the prophet led to violent protests across the muslim world that's the other thing you draw the prophet mohammed in amsterdam and they're killing people in cairo i don't get it you know we'll see you caused that no i didn't i drew a cartoon these people decide to kill folks responsible for all actions not my cartoon villiers said in a statement freedom of speech is threatened especially for islam critics we should never accept that freedom of speech is our most important freedom american cartoonist bosh walston a winner of a similar contest in garland texas that's where it was in may of two thousand fifteen has been asked to judge the dutch contest which is going to which is going to be held later this year i thought they said oh he said this today so this is the day he's announcing it it's going to be held later this year so the winner of the garland texas contest is going to be flown to amsterdam amsterdam's a cool town i can tell you that all the canals and stuff a lot like venice really cool and that's where they're going to have it yeah now i'm not going i know but you understand what i'm saying you don't have to like the contest much you do need the understand and support their right to have a contest even if it's a jesus cartoon contest oh well then then you don't get freedom i'm not saying you have to support it i'm saying that you have to support their right to do it there's a big difference frog give you a for instance well they're not many round here anymore they're moving but it needs to be porn shops around here i don't patronize them i don't pull in but i support their right to have a business with naked people in it if that's what they wanna do that doesn't mean i support the pornographic industry i support their right to be able to have a business that engages in such conduct and if people wanna go they go and if they don't they don't brent how are you fill and super duper brent what's on your mind well i i was starting to johnny b there i just remember i'm at the age where i kinda grew up in a christian household the i remember when everybody hated christians back in the eighties you about the christians were all upset because they didn't want to hear the word on tv or ill ip deep blue was going to say the s word you know it was a big deal and they and basically the democrats told them you know if you don't like it shut up and turn the channel and you don't have to pay any attention to it i've just noticed the shift now is everything's based off a feeling you know back then the christians didn't feel that was correct and now the democrats are everything that they hated about the christians back in the eighties everything is based off of how they feel and and you can't offend me you you can't say that that hurts my feelings i just thought it was a bit strange and i remember i remember you remember the movie life of brian yeah those monty python yeah i never saw it but i was living in charlotte at the time and i'm sure there was these were nationwide people were protesting and picketing and raisin cane i'm going why don't you just ignore it you know if you don't like i was living in charlotte at the exact same time i remember sitting around watching with a bunch of my buddies yeah i actually was extremely sacrilegious you don't do it so you don't watch it live in charlotte at the same time back then all i did i grew up in charlotte sadly so you lose useless to murphy in the morning i worked for john boy and billy we'll see john boyne i started off in radio together billy billy billy james bill james's name he and i started off in radio together you know we're dallas north carolina is right outside of charlotte i do yeah that's where bill and i started actually actually when i moved here that's why i gravitated to ninety nine point seven because that's w fx in charlotte so gravitated this and that's how i found isn't that amazing.

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