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A while but I figured you were just to give. Yeah, go the entire show. We had this conversation with final Berg yesterday. It was and fights yesterday and the show started and I did the intro and file Berg said thank God that you started the show because I I wouldn't have said anything and I was like well. As I normally would have a standoff with Casey. I'll just go forever I, I'll do an entire hour-long show. Where I say absolutely nothing just just to prove that point and today we're actually on for two hours so. With nothing said well, no, because Kevin will be here in fifteen minutes so. I. Would have well Kevin definitely what because he's the host of the show but he's he is going to be late. Turning the skype on so I can see you lovely but I did figure like you know I should probably go into the show 'cause it's Friday we were doing two hours today. And I till Kevin gets here because I have a question for the to view a question that I ran into this morning One of my best friends is in town and she's currently in yeah. Very. Well. She's my best friend. No No. Hold on. Excuse me. Let me let me preface that you don't know her in the biblical sense. Okay good but she do you know her yet? We're just friends you. You're very good friends. It's Casey Casey's in town. In the city so but she has a wiped. Out. Now I can't tell I was going to you know what? I really love the morning person she's a morning person. She's excuse me one of those about. I'm not a morning person and. Like person? Because, we're friends. We've had discussions and she's she has tons of energy in the morning whereas I don't. She didn't have tons of energy this particular morning because I think we try to drink all of the wine in New York City last night. which should not surprised. I don't know all of it. The first person well, yeah. But it's the first time. So it you know we talk about twenty twenty all the time and how fucking weird it is but it's the first time. I've really seen her since before the pandemic because she went back to Texas at the beginning of the virus, and so it's like well, I mean, what else are we going to do? We have to drink all the wine? And we just accepted as probably never gonNA end. No I can't take. Fuck in the winter. Once I started seeing like I was fine with the pandemic and like quarantine and things getting canceled and twenty twenty but once you start to see twenty twenty one things canceled that's when like it reconfigured me. Canceled in twenty twenty one. The winter classic. Already. Well. I guess it's usually in January isn't it? Yeah well I guess that makes sense. The are the Olympics. I don't know I. Haven't seen anything about the Olympics the winter. They were meant to be this year right but they haven't been canceled again. They haven't been touched yet. That's the problem. To be it's so strange to me when I talked to some of my friends who are like, well, our offices aren't gonNA open up until after Labor Day of two thousand, twenty one. That's crazy. Yeah, I mean I. For me because we were talking about it today on the podcast and we all I, think we talked about with fiber yesterday I don't know what I'm. GonNa do with my off season because like last year. We had so much stuff plan in the off season that it really didn't feel like there's no baseball like we did a bunch of stuff like traveling wise content wise in the off season that it was a great bridge to the regular season in early spring training and this off season it's like. All right. So the plans to go to Arizona and do content with the players that live out there that probably can't happen. Going through the winter meetings like those are probably going to get canceled like it's that sucks I don't know what to do with myself. You're going to have to come to New York and play in streams with the rest of us. Yeah. I. Have plans to come to new. York, I was trying to figure out like. I, guess. There's no AIRBNB situation but like I wanna I, WANNA spend significant time in New York this winter like I want to be there for. Straight it's so cheap right now it's like what do I do? Can I rented an apartment for like five months is People probably if people are listening right now that are in real estate new. York I don't know if they're probably actually just working you know normal job, but I would think because the people are shared people are so desperate to get their replaces read it out right now like I mean you, you've seen my building. So I have a building in a nice area of Manhattan twenty four hour. Doorman. Whatever right. Now, I could move into a two bedroom two bath for almost the exact same price as I'm paying for my current apartment, which is not a it's insane. fucking threw up yesterday because I was just curious if they had rented out my old unit yet. Oh, I went to a website and it's like fifteen hundred cheaper cheaper. Whoever gets it next is literally going to get it for. Half the price that I was paying when I was there. Yeah. So my whole point is is that you could probably right now you could probably find a place that you like wherever you want and you could say, Hey, I'm only GonNa win it for five months and they'd probably like let you move in that day I feel like Gosh. He agrees with me. I feel like if I did that I would just go back to my old building because I just I love the people there in the neighborhood and I feel like they would probably a deal because they know my situation what if you were just to get your old apartment back? I would love to do that. Love. Really. Really funny. If you all right, I'm back for half the price. Yeah. So I know I know that it's not rented out yet I still like I made you know my fucking doorman like I made friends with like my doorman and like so I still keep in touch with them and like when I go back to. Is that normal to do. You have just like a A. So I obviously, as you know, I, go to robby entrenched department all the time. In like I'll I'll say, hi to their doorman and like I don't like judging by Robbie and Trent and myself will walk out of the apartment together like it's not like it's like a hey, how you doing relationship whereas with my doorman like they knew what was going on in my apartment like they knew that I was like doing podcast and shooting videos because they all follow me on instagram. So they see the stuff that I was. Doing in there so they're all sports fans and we'd talk about sports and we would talk about like the videos and they would make fun of me for losing in rock paper scissors and all that. So yeah, I keep in touch with those guys. Do you think that's normal? I keep in touch with your doorman Well, I'm not wanted to throw stones at jared because we still talk to I still keep in touch Ruben, the doorman from. Not specifically my apartment, but we're still in touch with the with the old office groups. Just never I've never thought a guy ends on what your relationship was before up. Hey. How are you type relationship that I wouldn't be? All right let's keep in touch but like the people that I've talked to have long conversations with then yeah I don't think I've ever had a long conversation.

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