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There's a lot of little things that I like about each one. So for me. I'd be happy with just a roadrunner period. You know what I mean. I wouldn't you know I'm a beggar. I can't be choosy. You know what I'm saying. So it's cool that your family is so enthusiastic about Mo- parts that you guys are willing to go all in on a project together. I think that's cool in. That sounds like a lot of fun to me. I just wonder whose names can be on that title. You know what I mean when you get all that money invested in that car. I guess you guys could split it. Three ways You know you take it Saturday. Sunday dad takes it Monday. Tuesday brother takes it Wednesday Thursday and then Friday. You gotTA figure out you know you can alternate Friday nights but very cool grant. I'm glad that you're listening. I'm glad that you like this show. And Hey you're a farmer so first and foremost. I should've said this at the beginning. Thank you for what you do man. I don't think farmers get enough credit. So thanks for that and you know. I hope you get your projects going to help you find that road runner. You're looking for and I'm glad you like project car of the week you know. I had a review a couple of weeks ago where the guy really hates project are the week. I guess you know. That's the vibe. I got from him. I love project the week because that's what I do. That's how I started this. That's the moped. Hunter got the ball rolling on all of this so if it had never been for me looking and being obsessed with project cars and looking at cars online you know starting way back. In the day on the old America Online days I was looking at cars for sale online and even before that auto traders old car traders and deals on wheels and the little nickel one ads all those types of classified ads obsessed over and that's what led to the mobile hunter. And that's what led to this. So you know I was a little bit nice to that guy but now that I've had a couple of weeks to think about it you know. Screw that guy you know. We're doing project car the week for the rest of the lifespan of the show. So if you don't like it stop listening but if you do like it good news. We're GONNA keep going with project car. The week I think project cars and ratty moped ours. I think they're great. I also think that fully restored. Mo- pars are great. You know what I like all Mo- pars and I don't complain. I'm just I'm happy with the people that are happy with the show. Because I I really just WanNa provide something fun for mopnths you know and if you find little things to nitpick about this show that I don't really think you're a real mo part easiest because hey go find another mope our podcast good luck and then we'll see when you get back and I'll be here with open arms to go. Hey See I told you. Come on come on. It's okay it's okay. Show me where the podcast touch you okay. We're just having fun here. That's what this shows about. It's about having fun with Moe Pars and talk and Mo- Parse so that's what we're doing here. Thanks grand for sending in your story and keep me posted if you get a roadrunner Leno. I'd love to see it. I love to talk to you about it. And that's grants message. So Hey Grant. Thanks for listening buddy. Our final listener message for this week comes to us from an old friend. Johnny moped is back with another fun. Story I'm sure this one is going to make us justice jealous as the last one. So here's Johnny with another fund Story for us. Hey Chris Johnny moped again giving you my story on my Seventy Dodge charger anyway. This goes back quite a few years ago. one day. I'm hanging out with somebody's and we're playing cards. It's the same old guys and out of the blue one of the guy says you know I think my father-in-law's got one of those old Mo- pars are dodge or something and I go. What kind he's like. I don't know I go to look like the General Lee. And he's like yeah. I think it looks like I'm like all right. Well I gotta go see this thing. He's kind of wishy washy so I wasn't even sure what this thing could be. You know value and a duster charger. Who knows but of course I had to go check it out so I go over there. sure enough. We'll get into the yard and sixty eight dodge charger. It's got a three three Heikal in it. Non ACM car automatic is pretty rusty but I asked the guy said well. How much do you want for it? And he goes I'll take three hundred bucks for it and I said all right sounds like a good price. I'll buy it and he goes. Well if you want another one I go. You got another one does. Yeah and he points over the yard and I can tell to seventy two charger and I'm like Now I don't need another car and so he's like okay and I'm like well. How much do you want for it thinking? If he sold me sixty eight for three hundred bucks maybe one hundred bucks all by any says all you can just have it. I just wanted out of the yard and I'm like Oh cool all right cool I'll take it That car was missing. Its drivetrain was originally a four hundred card with an automatic so they drag both cars home. The sixty eight Is Pretty Rusty? You know back in those days. Most people didn't Lisa China with a rusty car so I didn't even bother took the grill out of it took the hood. I took a few parts off the car the seats and stuff and then I sold the rest.

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