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It was all just fine. It was all just there and I can see why never made its way to theaters. And you know you ask, am I looking forward to tech too? Well, I've never seen either of these but to see that the next one is about Kazuya again, I would really like to see what the hell happened to him. So, yeah, for this movie, I'm gonna say not recommend if. If you just looking for a good fight movie, if you're looking for a decent video game, fight movie, this will do. And that's about as much as I can say. There's a difference between real fight movie and video game fight movie. We have feel like there's things that they have to get in there for people who things from the game. Okay. If you're not tied to any of that stuff and you can just do what you wanna do. Yeah. Fanta the game will like it. Nobody else should see. And even then I don't know. I mean. I'm the wrong person because I'm never a fan of the story of the game, tells them either a fan of the game for the game play, or I'm not Stewart. I'm going to split the difference and say, this is just as terrible as mortal Kombat. So it's it's not better than that, but it's that was a terrible film. And so is this it should be this hard. I'll give them this much. They steered far away from the obvious mistakes that streetfighter and double dragon did by trying to make it so much about something that wasn't video game play here. Once they finally got to the arena, they realized that was at strong suit, and it's the best stuff in the movie unmemorable as the way I would characterize most of the fighting straddles between being embarrassing the chick fights and just being kind of dumb unimpressive. Non adrenaline is fighting again, I think anyone that wants. I've seen blood sport, kickboxer all that ninety stuff and why didn't they just get those guys. Would be on just such stronger footing if it had be level stars that could bring that charisma and that legitimacy to this be level property. I mean, I do think this is not a heartfelt story. No one's going to be moved by the family dynamics. No one's going to think it's good drama. You needed to sell this on its spirit of having good fighting and people with screen appeal, and it has neither. I mean, honestly, this is very dissatisfying I would have thought for everyone, but I'm I'm hearing, contrary opinion. So yeah, no surprise me. Not recommend. So you said why not bring back some of these people from the nineties. The answer is there way too old now, I mean, I actually was thinking about a lot of those nineties movies too, because in the mid to late nineties, I was a college student, and then I had nothing job where I could watch movies at my job. I consumed a lot of movies in that period like two to three a day. And what was I watching? Yeah, I was. Watching some Billy blanks movies. I would actually go through Billy blanks Hoover. Why did I do that? Well, the answer is in some of them. I found something to enjoy our these great cinema, absolutely not. But I remember really and it's been twenty five years. So don't hold me too tight to this, but I remember really liking showdown and balance of power with Billy blanks. And yeah, not all the John Claude movies were great, but none of them were, but I think about like Lionheart or kickboxer did you know he's still making kickboxer sequels by the way, I did not realize that until I was making sure of my proper movie titles and you measure bloodsport bloodsport is better than this movie, but I feel like they're in the same league. It's not like ones in the minors and one's in major leagues. No, none of them are great. I really want to stress that. I'm not saying by trying to reach back and be as good as blood. Sport, you're going for some brass ring. I mean, no, that movie sucked. But it had a certain appeal. It got the fighting, right, which is all you have to do in order to make this knockout..

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