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And you'll immediately get a short list of quality. Candidates whose resumes and indeed fit your job description. Learn more at indeed dot com slash credit Watch for an accident. Inbound Bishop Ford at 103rd. That's in the right lane. Heavy traffic from 115 also outbound 57 at the Cal State Channel crash in the two left lanes. Eden's is slow in both directions approaching Peterson. Now the outbound Kennedy to the airport, jammed all the way out to Canfield and inbound is slow from Cumberland. On the Eisenhower. We're heading outbound to Mannheim, about a 55 minute ride and inbound 42, the outbound Stevenson's at 42, the Tri state Dan Ryan is building out to about 63rd I 80 is still slow from Pulaski to the tri state and still have this crash in Lombard Westbound Butterfield between Highland and Downers. Dr Mary Vandeveld, deputy in traffic Central, the victim from the kidnapping and downstate Peru has been located safely by law enforcement. Here's Peru Police chief Douglas Burnaby over the last 36 hours have successfully located the victim and puree Illinois. We've identified the offender in this particular case we recognize now that is not a juvenile. It was a young lady in her twenties, a statute were clearly indicate she could be mistaken for 14 to 16 year old juvenile, So that's why we call the FBI. He says the victim was abducted in a domestic incident there, searching for the suspect, 27 year old Bobby Cross, he's believed to have had some sort of previous relationship with the victim and is a convicted felon from a 2017 aggravated battery case. The CDC is labeling the Delta coronavirus strain a variant of concern. It's the variant first found in India and that comes after the new study that found that it's linked to a higher risk of ending up. In the hospital. Dr. Robert Murphy, professor of infectious disease at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, says the good news is the vaccines are effective against all variants in the U. S. So far, there was a very beautiful study in Nature magazine, which is very highly ranked scientific journal that showed that part of the immunological response that protects you from severe disease. Not so much from getting infected is perfectly fine with all the vaccines that we have Today. The delta variant currently accounts for roughly 10% of coronavirus cases in the US Things are slowly returning to normal in Chicago to help businesses recover from the pandemic and encourage new ones to open Mayor Lightfoot created the Chaib is strong initiative. But Elliot Richardson of the small Business Advocacy Council tells WGN's in a day of Lantus. There's still too many restrictions in the mayor's plan that could serve as a deterrent for new businesses to open and the small business owner thinking alright. Should I open a business in Chicago right now coming out of a pandemic and then your face with all of this red tape and all of these bureaucratic hurdles, you know, it can really cost somebody to take pause and perhaps not move forward, And it is mind boggling. City lawmakers will review and vote on the latest proposal in committee on Thursday. And now the W G and forecast you can see for the Windows Open again tonight Going to be clear and cool As we drop into the mid fifties. There is the potential for.

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