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This is the best of the paul finebaum podcast welcome back we are happy to be with you on a friday afternoon mentioned the other day when michael collins drop by that we are down the street we're not too far from where the wells fargo championship is being conducted not too far from our studio so we've had a little bit of golf tenth we keith mitchell is in our studio he is a university of georgia golfer who is well steeped in sat sec laura having a pretty good tournament so far key thanks for being here thank oh you man sauce i guess when you when you when you know you're playing the weekend you can relax a little bit on friday afternoon and hang out with your favorite talk show it's it's good to have you on your telling me before we got going we wanna talk a little golf and a little dogs but you've got a family that pretty well covers the sec it was it was pretty funny growing up trying to figure out what's team i wanted to root for so one grandad went to alabama one grandad went to tennessee and then my dad went to vanderbilt my mom went to tennessee so i kind of pave my own path and when little south to university georgia and since then i've been a die hard dog and we're going to get to that segment i wanna talk about golf because you were fairly recent on tour you got out of the georgia couple years ago and we're talking about the challenge of getting to this tour where you play in events like this and and so many other major for such major prizes it's not easy it's not even close to easy but it's fun so that's what makes you know the challenge in the in the hard work worth it so i mean i started out in the latin american tour for a year run out of college i played probably seventeen eighteen weeks on south america which was a lot of fun a lot of stuff stuff that you you know just not part of your standard routine so did that for year graduated from there to the web dot com tour and was on the web dot com for two years and made it out here this past season when you finally mean filing because you can.

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