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Good, so, first of all okay I understand. How you got? Into the opposite how did you you don't seem. Like the Bill Murray golf person give us a story here. Because. This doesn't make any, sense Well I did work at Oakley before I start sunglasses If you're living in Oakland like Alabama you probably have a t shirt with the arms cut off a pickup truck and. A. Pair. Of, Oakley blades from nineteen Eighty-three Saint Oakley same okay Yeah so, I definitely have a passion for sporting apparel and performance apparel so for me it made a lot of sense okay so and. Then and, then. Brandon You were you golfer your, entire golfer since I was about twelve or thirteen years old okay but this is this is. Not, this has nothing to do with this brand because this brand albeit. A golf brand, comes from a really cool website. That. Many of us are familiar with I should say many of us in this billion familiar with called the. Chives and no it's not the. Onion the five is, something different but it's similar Brennan takeaway tell us about. That business and how you, guys met so I would say I came to the about close to five years ago. To run their experts or marketing for? Their offline events we were producing a music festival. It. Was called vests and during that. Time and has the business was growing the things that were, happening I admit Kerry and Kerry and I head uncovered this business while incubating under the jive What were you doing, your branding person there is that what you're marketing operations operations so basically she's your boss Essentially Oh. Okay so you're working at the same, place the, chives Jerry bring, up bring up the website so are are at least are told CNN radio audience dot. Com but it's tongue in cheek satirical Photos and videos type website which we have used here. One hundred times on the program Have stolen most of it. Without giving, an attribution but this is so you guys, are in this sort of. This I mean we've used this before you've. Seen this before but the bottom line is so you're in this. Sort of fun environment how did this thing come out. This William Murray golf dot com Yeah so the child already how to deal with Bill Murray, for t shirts and they had done one. T shirt with the William Murray logo on it for, charity and it did. Really well, and and I was just going to be that was, just going to, be at for William Murray golf tee shirt if you look at the logo Jared director and, executive producer bring up the logo of William Murray golf I think it's got to be on the website there but that was this the one it was the, one, logo, and. It said William Murray and that's correct, and not that it was a t. shirt and it sold out very quickly for the chives, and that was right around when I came on board and kind. Of having, a sporting apparel background and knowing that Bill, Murray and his family were. Were true golfers golf Brandon I got together. And we were like why don't we turn this into a brand Okay For left there for our radio audience is go to William Murray golf dot. Com for a TV. Ads you can see that Bill Murray Huggins club in the Caddyshack caddy a. Uniform Yeah From the Pebble Beach Pro-Am when they won the, tournament there was a reason you guys thought though that this would be a good idea because how many of those t shirts did you sell and how quickly did you sell the? Seizures Two thousand shirts in two days now in the t. shirt business I don't know that seems like a lot to me is that a lot of t-shirts in today So now you, realize at that, point it wasn't just this this logo story and the iconic logo it was the. Guy's? Name right. I mean because, people know him as Bill Murray. But William Murray and then the, caddy all of. A sudden created this sort of unique brand story right of course so for us You know using William instead, of Bill is, unexpected and we're all about having some of those unexpected elements in the brand's Brennan, what? You saw. Because you're good I noticed respected ten this is a religion to us, is three stooges jackass. Caddyshack animal house right oh, yeah like the? Four food groups or men right so and. You can't, really modify anything there without wrecking it but you guys did so when you saw this I mean. What I, thought my eyebrows didn't raise a, bit I mean you've seen kind of. The the wanna. Be a, sidecar tag along that do some of, these things, and again, those are really the four things three, stooges animal house Caddyshack Jack ass this was right I mean it didn't your eyebrows raise it all you know I think it ties in very true and I think the one thing about the brand. Is how, authentic it is paying tribute to, a lot of what Bill has done. His career as. Well as, to his family but the thing that, was nice Because you look at the if you. Look at the logo everybody can relate to what that feels like when you play golf there on and off the golf course everybody gets frustrated on a good faith they want. To throw the golf club everybody That's right right bars open exactly right we're having, a good time especially you get that. Whole in one then you own the. Bar Right so so here is so there is the, Genesis of William Murray so okay before we get to all the cool stuff online which we're gonna get to in the. Next, segment take a few minutes and talk about who was the one. That decided to approach Bill Murray because I have heard boosted frankly we have interviewed him one time in the last twenty two years and we've interviewed literally every captain. Of industry and every slobbery on this, program to get to that guy's. Impossible to get a movie script in front of that guy you gotta, go, through his attorney gatekeeper and it's it's really complicated process I can only imagine what it was? Like to get him? And say, hey we got. This, crazy. Idea who was the first, phone call or was it a text. Message how did that happen It was kinda by chance but we were at the, Murray, brothers do a Caddyshack tournament every year and Saint Augustine and so we were there in kind? Of hoping zero Austin And so we were there kinda hoping that we get. A chance to pitch the concepts and I met Joel Murray Is one of his brothers yes but the youngest. Of the nine nine brothers Nine, people fail Brian Doyle Murray as an, actor and writer I didn't realize I was, so there's. Other there's others are they all part of the Bill Murray industry in some? Way or another they're six brothers and all six brothers are part. Of this company so what did, you say we? How did you so I met him on. The golf course he was hitting on RT and you were hitting on Joel What are you wearing Bill Murray t-shirt how did you approach? A,.

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