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W T. O P. News 905 here on W. GOP Mayor Bowser's education team announcing Some students are already back in class at select schools, making the announcement before outlining plans and how the district schools will safely reopen in November. Excited to welcome students back to Blue High school Today, the barbering and cosmetology students returned in groups of 25 to 50 to receive in person learning in their career technical ed classes. D C. P s Chancellor Dr Lewis Farabee says in the next two weeks, another 11 schools will provide supplemental in person support. It is not replacing their classes that are currently enrolled in that they're learning remotely. However, the student support centers are designed to provide additional support for students academically and socially emotionally. Mayor Bowser says she expects to detail the D. C. P s reopening plan for term two in November next week. Meghan Clarity. W GOP News. 906 also knew tonight, the Virginia Department of Health launching a pandemic metrics dashboard that shows covert 19 trends by region, and it includes a school metrics tab meant to guide school leaders with virus related decision making. Click on a school district and you'll see the latest data color coded to indicate the current risk of transmission in schools, the state health commissioner, saying the dashboard provides data for communities to an individualized and Taylor response efforts the local needs. A community where cases are surging and hospital beds are filling up, for example, will require different response. Efforts from those in a community where cases are declining, and hospital occupancy is low coming up after traffic and weather. What could be expected? Tomorrow night's presidential debate? It's the first one I'll talk with the Washington Post Politics reporter living KC 907 Year on W. T OBY Here's Joma Creo. Federal Channel business manager at Poly on enhancing the work from home experience for federal employees sponsored by Polly..

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