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He got locked on his backside. Here come the absent at three on two. Change out through his luck and hit in comfort. JT down the slot to lick it in peace scores. Our election. The game winning overtime goal from the far circle. His two previous overtime goals both came in the playoffs, both sent his team to the Stanley Cup final. In Montreal in 2021 last year with the abs, that's courtesy of altitude, Sports Network, discover the discover credit card, and you'll discover that you can redeem your rewards for cash in any amount at any time, it's amazing, learn more, discover dot com slash regime rewards, term supply. Once again, if you're just joining us based off yesterday or the day before, where you could have your cookout playlist, Marv is handling that today, who sings this. This is before I let go by Frankie Beverly amaze me and Jim Jackson talked about this. Yes. This is probably the black version of don't stop believing. This is a journey. This is a big sing along. The black version of journey. That's what it says on the album. Is that what it is? Actually says it. Okay. So if you go to a black function and you start playing this, everyone, for the most part, will know the words to this. Okay. So it's just a but if I go to one of your cookouts and I don't know this, what happens? It's all good. Okay. But they're not expecting you to know it. Oh, but then if I do know it, oh, somebody's fixing you a plate. Who's who what's what? That's great. Auntie speaks to you a plane. Okay. Oh, here you go,

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