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Was is how hard as it to get a small film made today really hard heart real explain what what that means well you gotta get the money together to shoot we had a sparse script which allowed us to you know control the elements in the number sets and all that kind of stuff we had a very very sparse crew we didn't pay the actors anything to script itself was the enticing thing right right because it was great role yes however you know having looked at the film i wish would have given bruce davis a little bit more to do it so heavy on my character and my guy is a piece of shit why would you like him so a week i think we give given bruce a little bit more to do maybe they made a movie a little bit better or given more of a reason for why was aware was having said that on damn proud of the perform iago's it's a it's it's one of my favorite things i've ever done but it's so hard to get it made and they get it released and we did get a limited theatrical release but in this this day and age amine characterdriven stories are just not getting made right so the chance of what's the chance of a cop blanket made now i mean even with those those guys i mean we didn't get paid a lot when we made the movie even with those actors yeah that kind of film it's like who fuck is going to go see this shit who's making those ghanem who's making them there's so much stuff on tv there's so much netflixing there's so much amazon there's so much scorpion there's so much good there's so much you know you you could stay on instagram for two hours in you know do it for free so there's it the movie businesses changed the movie this is change to whole industries change since you and i've been doing it now you know we're we're doing tv.

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