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Calls but they're playing you like the ukulele believe me the Republicans know these proposals are going to work the Democrats know they will work because they try to me they really haven't worked the worst place for any American to be as in a congressional black district because of the lack of good education the criminal activity little job creation no place to work there and it's in social and cultural collapse now the media won't cover that because it affects awaits their policies but it's absolutely true Denmark I will know the urban area or the Democrats have been in charge for fifty years that's functional you give Merida Blasi another ten or twenty years of his philosophy and power New York City and a local I. could look under David Dinkins from Jenkins that applies here the same philosophy soft on crime don't handle the homelessness problem vilified in place and will and white PD hates Plovdiv laws here for good reasons because democratic policies where they've been tried weather's Venezuela or Baltimore have not worked in fact Baltimore has a higher homicide rate in El Salvador the media won't tell you know I just did so why would you pay attention to them when it comes to any political matter because the philosophies of Baltimore Detroit Chicago and the city of Los Angeles and San Francisco are held by the mainstream media there's probably fifty people in the country that determines what you see rate in here and reality those forty nine of those fifty come some left wing states in from left wing universities and they continue to promote the idea of progressivism socialism and communism as a search warrant talking about the glories of the socialistic state but we got one running give Bernie Sanders credit he's completely honest about honeymooning in the old USSR and visiting Cuba he loves Cuba he loves socialism never let a crisis go to waste even if the cry is do something about doing something that will work and something provably that will not work imagine red flag laws or judge unattended by you issues in order to seize your property and then armed police officers maybe swat units show up at your home seizure inanimate metal objects leaving you supposedly the person a danger to himself or others alone and then the public knows about that that he has a hard attorney for thousands of dollars to go get his own property back when there's no finding in the first place he was a danger to himself or others somebody said he was a man in order was issued in absentia gets you and the Republicans say that's okay I'm done babbling let's go to the American people go to Ralph in Allentown and then calls in Indiana taxes baton Rouge Delano in New Hampshire as go to Ralph in Allentown PA Allentown Ralph welcome to the bill Cunningham show Ralph go ahead Hey bill it's not Ralph which wall I'm sorry won't go ahead won't it was decided by your great American thank you thank you thank you though I agree with you wholeheartedly these killings are symptomatic of that should the transcends guns they documented up about it if I'm not mistaken close to a dozen cases are ready well where they documented that airline pilots said deliberately ditch the playing with Paula board because they were polite and not it on a psychotic state of mind right presto rid of war sure what you know bill when the Democrats legalized abortion not nearly fifty years ago he used to say well we have to legalize abortion because we can't legislate morality well yeah that's what they're trying to do with being laws billion well they're not going to work we tried the gun laws they're proposing in blue states a blue cities and those the most violent failing cities and states in the country where Americans are are leaving his soul why let the Democratic Party and their mouth piece CNN tell us how to operate areas of the country how the doing the ones they are would you want your in Allentown PA would you like the public schools in Chicago to be in Allentown PA well don't you know you think I'm gonna shoot you can't legislate America and the Mister Rogers neighborhood this is ridiculous it is ridiculous so why why the Republican signing on to something that will work and when it doesn't work yes what's next gun registration gun licensing federal laws at some point in my life much like the Democrats in oh nine and ten they complete control United States government something the Republicans have not had since the nineteen fifties because without sixty votes in the Senate you can do nothing there was a golden two years recently when the Democrats had a filibuster proof Senate the house and the presidency they enacted no no gun laws they did nothing on immigration why president make any difference setting care they only care about these issues when Republicans in the White House now all of a sudden they tell their friends in the media Joe Scarborough and Anderson Cooper George Stephanopoulos other it's time to jump on top of this issue and then they pass out the talking points and then they go from the Obama administration or the Clinton administration the ABC CBS NBC New York times Washington post them when a democratic president gets and they leave their cushy multi million million dollar jobs in the media go back to the democratic White House to go back and forth Markkula venturing about this in his most recent excellent book it's all one the Democrats have a megaphone and that's called the mainstream media they will not cover the failure of the Democratic Party and why the Republicans buy into this I know what I was I speak to him they tell me that so Bourbon couples especially suburban white females want something done in the past to win the election the Republican need sixty percent of white educated female vote and lose forty percent in many states like my home state of Ohio is flipping where forty percent of educated white females vote Republican sixty percent do not if that happens again trump can't get reelected so the Republicans are being told to play the game the past red flag laws and background checks because it's good politics everyone knows is not going to work because the insanity is the real issue and the liberal shut down the insane asylums because of the movie one flew over the cuckoo's nest which Jack Nicholson so they shut down all the mental hospitals now we have a homeless is problem and we have an issue with mentally ill people on Nash unix not a significant problem unless you're one of the ones getting shot in which case it is a very significant problem a mother Jones said this year there's not been two hundred fifty six there's been seven mass shootings that we think about as a mass shooting seven seven now that's terrible if you're one of the victims of that it's awful what happened in Las Vegas is disgusting I guess we still don't know the the reasons why that happened I have went on route coming on later on may I ask him I don't know the reasons it's insanity how do you fix insanity without mental hospitals and mental treatment that the government won't let the insane go into that situation it's it's the damndest thing I've seen what both parties know the proposals will not work but both advocate them for political reasons let's continue thousands on old millions are listening let's go to Richard in taxes and then Eric in Manchester New Hampshire Richard in taxes welcome to the bill Cunningham Sir Richard go ahead thank you bill are you know I just find it there thank you rich the screaming about discussion registration there are no problem with abortion and all the other be bitter killed every year and one of the Democrats put Chrissy approximately three thousand babies are aborted every day an eighty two percent of Planned Parenthood clinics are put inside the black or brown communities Planned Parenthood said that African Americans were weeds and so that the Democratic Party gets the money from the abortion machine and they're concerned about human life well for one or just worn supreme justice away from cure can plan ahead to it off of that plan turned it off of taxpayer money changers warn us supreme justice away into insurance in some with you tonight is there a chance the taxes turns blue if it does the actions no no the media keeps saying the media says there are they keep saying it because they want people to believe it they also said order was going to be yeah you know on cruise one by four percent and he was outspent for more in the Hollywood left into the Hollywood lefties who preach to us about violence have you seen any but I don't see movies anymore because I'm not giving money that machine I see the promos for this thing called John wick and what's hundreds of people are are killed without a matic weapons etcetera then the same directors and producers they give us violent movies and sexually explicit movies are preaching to us about gun violence it's not real right well let me leave you with this old former told me he said he came from a tactical weapons and I should not be taken for my long rifle and I said no really came from my hands and nobody was left to say anything just just remember that Richard let me give you the facts in the department of justice sadly last year there were fifteen thousand one hundred twenty nine murders in America of that number the first of which is terrible four hundred and three use a long rifle or semi automatic was used to kill that's two point six percent now if you're if you're one of the two point six percent that's terrible however many more were killed with a hand guns which is about seventy percent of the total knives blown objects hammers bats and finally hands fists and feet all of them killed thousands of more people than long guns killed but the C. N. N.'s the world cannot use that against the Republicans they can use semi automatic weapons and whatever I hear the media talks about assault weapons and military weapons that's a bunch of crap these are semi automatic that are made to look a certain way for marketing reasons to sell more those guns and what they want to do is bankrupt all the gun manufacturers stop the importation of all weapons into America registered everyone's gone then confiscated that's where this is headed we gotta go Richard thanks for call but said take a short break with calls from New Hampshire and Pennsylvania baton Rouge south and coming up later on is Warren Farrell of the boy crisis dot org talks about the lack of family formation etcetera also coming up in about fifteen or twenty minutes is that Martin other causes a gun violence in America he's with eagle form and they which is the organized organization of Phyllis Schlafly I had around quite often she was a great American so let's continue with more one becomes available eight six six six four seven seven three three seven let's bring democratic crime policies to every.

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