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He's fifteenth guy on the roster. He's played he's appeared in four games this season. He is a heat legend. I believe franchise leader in rebounds. I do not like the position that a man heart and heart franchise leader in heart all those things three zero five got the state tattooed on its back reps a canes. Even though we went to Florida. I love you donnas has them. I have you done. This has jersey. He's one of my all time favorite heat players. All that being said, it's absurd. That that me saying he probably should retire this season and not come back for another season is a fiery take it is. I mean, first off we haven't seen him playing a couple of years to your point. So you don't know he could still out there. Fifteen minutes home. And here's what I got. All the qualifiers out. Okay. You done. This has them heat legend all that bub-bubba. He's been a bad basketball player longer than he was a good basketball player. Okay. It's been damn near a decade since he was an effective basketball player. He played sixteen games three years ago. You know, fourteen games to years ago. I it's not he's obviously on a downward trek. He's not appearing in games. I understand all the intensity and all the intangibles and all the leadership he provides in practice and Tasim should be able to say when he's ready to retire. That's not how it usually works. You Don Lama hasn't been. We've a lot of people pointed to Nick collison and said that's ridiculous that you're retiring his jersey. I mean was a better pro than Nicholson after looking at the numbers put the very comparable, they're very comparable. And especially lately, you don't have to have a total non factor. Did you just guarantee this person a roster spot it's not really based on current merit? It's based on leg. But we're talking about the fifteenth or officer matter who's if I say, he's the most valuable fifteenth man in the NBA you'd be lying. I'd put relying I'd rather let you go through the fifteen round every raw. I'd rather use a fifteenth spot on the roster as a development Charles cook. For Marcus Lee, the Andrea liggins. Yeah. The Andre liggins was a league..

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