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RAFI and Chris Mullin's are professors and extension specialists at Virginia state university when they arrived at our studios, they brought with many of the fruits and vegetables, they're growing in their high tunnels at VS us Randolph farm with good reason, associate producer, Elliot. Majestic sampled some of the bounty. This is a foodies delight here because I can sing raspberries basil guava, lemon grass long beans papaya, and then lemongrass leaves which is usually used to make herbal teas can I impose a new taste some of these raspberries. You know, what's great about these? Because so many times food out of season has no flavor and those tastes just like fresh pick raspberries. I think one of the great values of locally grown food is precisely the taste aspects of them. But if you're a grower and grow raspberry in west coast of the country, and then you have to bring those by truck three days or four days and then keep them. There tweeted condition that would probably take up to one week. So therefore, you cannot pick fruit that are completely right? This morning. We pick this and we picked him at the state that are right. Well, you're absolutely right. I can't tell you. How many times I've been disappointed just buying? Strawberry said look good but end up tasting like cardboard, indeed. And then also what I wanted to share with you. This is a very important vegetable that the Iranian people use in a dish called form. And this is the main ingredient of that dish. Called shaw. He would you mind if I had a little taste of that. So here we go. Tastes like a little radish little Romain lettuce. A little mustard green. Am I close? They will described in did. And now, what am I going to be eating? This is from chives family. It's called Tara. That is like a very mellow green onion without the acerbic bite of green onion. And and it would be delicious in limits. Well, certainly they'll be, but you're truly indicating or showing us that your real, sweetie. Banana. Dada salami, Tom. The gravy. Rabin's? To play too. Daren? Baloney. Tony. Swin? You're listening to the one hundred mile thanksgiving on with good reason up next week, go sixty miles west to a Turkey farm. This is a body. Jerry, jerry. While.

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