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Turf conservative looks beyond sort of the term conservative is about as descriptive as the term hispanic a really hispanic uh that would that be cubanspanish or mexican hispanic reporter rang at egger on earth i am an era liberal but you're really a conservative conservatives of it is not a very it is an all inclusive term and that includes a lot of people and you're right other they general love for less government he and even that is not universal even that's not universal but but a general you're my own with your bike it by calling it american conservatism because american conservatism that quite different from european conservative british conservatism because here uh we derive conservatism from the founding fathers who in article one created the house of representatives not the presidency not the fat but the load the most basic uh element of the three branches of government uh in in the crowded put their crush near believe in the american people their power with with the body that closest to the american military so that we have a government sister were power flows awkward from the students to the national government whereas british conservatives mischief isn't that if one hour from for little above the london money money to lead from the london politicians downward to the citizenry refill a dour to the people there so our american conservatism is quite different from any other form and much more so now that it has been in recent years we have a i was just going to robert of charleston west virginia how sorry robert was you can call bag it was just going to you but instead will go to charlotte endure of north carolina hello charlotte on the hill again david taken mad cow i totally agree with you about donald trump you know putting its foot knit mount very often what is donald kid lay gam is this man is very highly intelligent very well educated i do not understand why he does it dad and how much he hit hurting him fail and the republican conservative policy and in in conjunction with your um description of a conservative i think at constitutional conservative would be the best way to to grab a real two in a conservative but i i just wish that donald trump could get it in the hick claiming that when he land asking people light bs i'll do they deserve it just come off as not being.

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