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The celebrations of course we have a holiday concert pentagon and catholic church this is at four o'clock on saturday it with on vathi reduc ourselves the french quarter festivals inc says st louis cathedral is having their annual holiday concert sunday of six thirty p m followed immediately by caroline jackson square we've learned the former governor kathleen blanco will be delivering the commencement address said you well while fiat today wwe wells kelly ray reports the governor is known as a friend do education should always gonna great champion education that school president josep wall with his thoughts on blanco's effort to improve education he says during her term is governor she was able to direct large investments for higher an elementary educational like standing louisiana's prek or programmed all at risk children in our state which led the nation at the time he says he's looking forward to hearing her speech the seventy four yearold former governor resuly revealed the she is fighting liver cancer coming up wwl sports kemira and the saints are ready for the jets a lot enzi unadi plants you know their front glaze aggressive and denver gets there first road wind thursday night in in the i'm steve geller we'll get more from steve coming up in just minutes right here on wwl first news cold front is not here yet but it's coming most go now to the pinpoint forecast center dave nussbaum cloudy a call today with a twenty percent chance for a few showers a high only around fifty two so keep that jacket with.

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