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Our share of disasters here, too, with the flood in 2016 and had an outpouring of help with that Andrea tepees, the school's athletics chief of staff. We want to get back to our communities and help out our neighbours about 275,000 homes and businesses in Louisiana still have no power after Thursday Storm Jim Ryan ABC News The meth and city Council votes, no confidence and they're very well paid. Police Chief Joseph Solomon, in fact, is one of the highest paid chiefs and all of the United States of America. How much did you make last year? What we can tell you that he made about $326,000. And then refused to take on pay days off when the city was in the red. Every other department had took unpaid furlough days in Massu in chief. Solomon left that meeting last night, right before the vote, which was unanimous by the way. He issued a statement saying this was nothing more than a political attack on the Massu in police Department. The former vice president is denying accusations. By President Trump. What are those accusations? Let's get more last night. The president's interview on Fox News took a strange turn when he claimed with no evidence that a group of mystery people are really controlling the former vice president. Take a listen controlling by strings, ISAT former Obama people that you've never heard ofthe people that are in the dark shadows, people that what does that mean? That sounds like conspiracy theory of dark show people that you haven't heard of the people that are On the streets. They're people that are controlling the streets. The president also mentioned a group of thugs in dark uniforms on a plane heading for the Republican National Convention. Now we have asked the White House for an explanation of what the president is talking about here, but so far they have not provided one and again as we just reported Joe Bond and denies these accusations. He's also criticizing President Trump again for his leadership. During the pandemic. The election now just 63 days away, Democratic nominee Joe Biden hitting the campaign trail and accusing the president of failing to keep Americans safe, but also argued Trump is a failed leader for his mishandling of the pandemic and shrugged off the president's accusations that he is a soft on crime Radical. Ask yourself, Do I look like a radical socialist? With a soft spot for riders really? I want to safe America President Trump is said to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, later today and as delicate Terra ABC News Washington Let's go..

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