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What Rogge drying waived extradition in February. We're here is that news conference while we respect the court's decision. We are disappointed by the length of the sentence. We ask for forty years. What I can say is the defendant I took upon himself to commit violence. He then decided that he would solicit someone to kill a federal agent, and then he assaulted and inmates. So this is an individual had a pattern. This was not isolated to the initial conduct. And obviously anybody. Who is threatening or taking any action against our folks, we take extremely seriously. Choice office. We s percents a forty years the sentence. The defendant receive was only sixteen so we are disappointed in the sentence. It is notable though that the defendant also received forty five years of supervised release, which will have very stringent conditions. Menendez significant we're very fortunate here that there was not an actual bomb. And so the efforts here were outstanding in helping us identify the defendant here in ultima, Ian, holding them to account. I think it's a fair and just. I think it's. Incredibly well thought out. I think it's only a year above what probation recommended the fact that that the court didn't accept the government's case at face value. Dramatic and significant. This is this is a terrific result. This gives him his life back, and if the government had its way he would not have a life of.

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