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America TCI has, been used, to clean grease off of metal pieces of machines and auto parts and toys for two decades. At the view master plan the workers dumped, the use chemical on the, ground were leaked into the drinking water well that's according to a two thousand. And four federal report it. Just was worst case scenario, we found out at thanksgiving two thousand and, one and he passed away Shortly after Valentine's Day this report from the agency. For toxic substances and disease registry estimated up to a quarter, million view master workers may have been exposed, at TC federal and state studies have found TC links to cancer elsewhere. At the Camp Lejeune marine base in North Carolina. And a toxic dump site in, Massachusetts that's the subject of the. Movie a civil, action, starring John Travolta he, plays a lawyer for pollution victims seeking restitution money I'm not going to just throw out numbers so you can say no to them you'll have two million but at the Oregon view master plant just. Five, workers got settlement money. From the company in two thousand eleven that's including the family of Amanda Evans Healy she says others didn't sue or. That the statute, of limitations. Ran out how do you, think about all the families didn't get anything I feel. Horrible, I I really really had hoped to do a lot. More I still hope someday that. Something can be done one, of those something's to, her is banning use The EPA. Declared it a human carcinogen back in. Twenty eleven and two years ago at proposed a ban for certain uses including cleaning metals which became a problem for some companies toxic chemical expert Jason Marshall at the university of Massachusetts Lowell says. Companies have long loved this chemical, they didn't have, to think about. What they were doing with the cleaning they just dropped. It in and came back and it was clean and many companies have invested in, pricey degreasing machines that. Use TC when they have, a large piece of equipment that cost millions of dollars they're not willing to drop. That solvent if they've just purchased this. Chemical, industry lobbying, groups challenged the position arguing that the agencies direct link between. TC cancer is quote erroneous the halogenated solvents industry alliance representing? TC makers and. Users, wrote the, EPA saying quote we judge the epidemiologic evidence. To be neither convincing nor strong this past winter. The agency under the Trump administration took the proposed He ban and moved it to the, court long-term action, list along with two other proposed chemical, bands what does. That mean Scott Faber is with a, nonprofit, environmental, working group hibernation indefinite delay storing. Away your attic there's an enormously strong record that TC is a known. Carcinogen so there was really no reason for the delay these bands two industry groups the American chemistry council the halogenated solvents industry alliance declined comment for this story the EPA told us in a statement at, TC uses in the proposed ban will now be folded into a longer term, evaluation so Washington chemical attorney, Lindbergh's and says the real world is already changing Home Depot for instance is removing products that have TCI she says companies make these calls often, they, can make a decision based on their own appetite for risk. And their commitment, to simply not supplying products that contain chemicals that Are believed pose. Risk because, it's against their corporate creed even though that may not be far enough for those seeking to banned t for good in Beaverton Oregon I'm Scott Tong for marketplace.

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