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Have Brian Lehrer hi Brian Hilson longtime listener first time pledge partner as I said to you before and and listen as you know I was thinking about how Alison it's to talk about the real Hillary Clinton and the alternative history Hillary Clinton I have to talk about the real politics that surround Hillary Clinton all the time and even just that last interview was such a wonderful example of the graph of what you do every day Allison and how that provides such a good service to people I was thinking about your ray of gas and listeners the special guest who you know who stopped by with Allison maybe heard recently the V. Davis or Jake Gyllenhaal Alice waters or million others but also some lesser known people who Allison and her team think you would like if you heard them and I know people like that about the show because you have your eyes and ears out for the really really good and valuable but lesser known artists and thinkers so listeners support all of it when you support all of it you support all of it and by that I mean your donation in the shortened three day membership drive supports this program all of that with Allison Stewart and every other program you're here on WNYC so if you can it would mean a lot because we are having virus related extra expenses and revenue shortfalls like a lot of.

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