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Enron seidel who was a tv uh but a teacher ended up dead doing the thing fastforward the tape uh we're both work in the improv you know x amount of years later and he's i used to work the sheraton hotel in and boston to put myself through college and any celebrity that was there and he would try to get in and see them so he come to the front desk and say you know key steve alanthea's can i go see steve allen and i'd say no end do you know you can't do it and he would try to talk his way in and you know he was always there trying to meet celebrities and and show off his comedy in even back then he was doing that the overseeing and he was fantastic he was just a really i come to the and nigeria mark how are you doing to have dinner and i'd have dinner and the next night i come and go handy how are you go have we met two two we knew each other i go i ended up police crap with me okay i'm mark summers you know we went to school together i know this game that you play i have no interest in doing this whatsoever and they have a straight so yeah i went to school in in boston lived across from fenway park became a fan back then and have been you know to our last three world series wins and all that kind of stuff but when francona got dumped him went to cleveland and he's had a hell of a season i thought well maybe but houston just seems to be honest and i'm worried about houston against the dodgers i think they could get them one hell of a all i think it's eight it'll be here if it's houston dodgers the it's houston it's going to be insane don't you think yes i kind of think so yes but hoop which lackey and to pitch last night that was that i mean as a red sox guy you never put lackey unlike that that's insane eight eye joe madden for all of every is used this gu ruined this savant he does not know how to handle a bullpen mike catt all and again that's me who place fantasy baseball when when you listen to the he wants he wants to ball okay but what's the.

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