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What if that would have bledsoe doesn't get hurt i don't know what happened know how long do you stick with bill bellichik i don't know yeah but the point is he stuck in it worked but now build bella check in my view is quote unquote stuck with tom brady because i'm with you i think he wanted to go forward with his quote unquote son jimmy jing next year and let tom walk into the sunset plus finish wherever you want maybe you be san francisco back in his home area right from san mateo and who knows where it might have been but that he would have done the montana to kansas city rabbit to in his career but robert kraft said no i'm going to bed on number twelve and it had to be crushing two you don't think bill belachov got his big ego egos tom brady does nobody else to do what he's doing because every move has been made in mary move you every trip every piece of every of eve made yeah so mandate decree you will trade emme garoppolo in now it's up to build check to say you're the boss but but i am nobody knows his exact contractual situation accepted their estimates he makes like 12 and a half will your whatever whatever who choose whatever you ever thought of i agree so i was waiting to see about the giant do i think the mayor family in some way shape or form reached out or just put out feelers just to see what what was going on with that because that would be the job because he obviously coordinator underpar cells faruk bowl and i kept thinking is there any way he would walk away to new york to finish his career as the giants coach and they go for yawn pat shurmur really okay so so that's gone so every opening is phil yacuboski about it i don't see how do you understand what the pages would've wanted a return okay gave up a first round of the giddy would none of this i figured out how to be.

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