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On the I Heart Radio AB Stay away News Radio time. It's eight. A 1 April and Marty with you On Colorado's morning news, Fox 31 pinpoint whether currently just 21 degrees chilly out there. But, Sonny, we'll get to. Ah, hi close to 40 and stay that way through most of the weekends where we start this morning here on Colorado's Morning news. We didn't see a lot of snow really any, at least in the Denver Metro. Area state, mainly south of the Metro, with a few inches falling from Castle Rock to Colorado Springs. But the mountains definitely got some hits with some anywhere from a foot to 20 inches falling in spots. Fox 30 one's Brooks Garner tomorrow, an entirely new storm system. Arriving this once again for the high country on Lee No so in Denver, but it could drop between 12 and 18 inches, especially in the steamboat region and up in the Park Ranger, and they're expecting lighter snow in the high country for today that are also avalanche warnings out the mountains due to the recent storms. Heading the Boulder County. A rescue mission underway after a hiker disappeared near Netherland carry news radio's Chuck Clark has more Marty. The search resumes this morning for 27 year old man from Our Vata, who was reported to the sheriff's office is missing last night after six They found his vehicle that the messy trail Hood trailhead near Letter Netherland and a cell phone. Ping put his phone near the Continental Divide Trail at around noon. Cruise on skis, snowshoes and snowmobiles covered a large area and work through the night through pretty tough weather conditions that has he trailed. Her is very popular Destination. Clark K. Away. NewsRadio, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney will keep her position as the chair of the House Republican Conference. She says the vote shows the GOP.

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