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The shame for saints in their fans, but nothing's going to change the Rams are in the Super Bowl. Well, yeah, they are in the Super Bowl. It's a rematch of. Rematch of another Super Bowl in which the patriots knocked off the ranch. How prepared are the Rams for this? Well, I think they're going to be very prepared not as much as the patriots. You know, the magic in the genius of Bill Belichick give you an idea back in two thousand one the first year that Tom Brady was the New England starter they play the St Louis Rams in the regular season. Kurt Warner and Bellichik blitzed him with his defense virtually every play of the game nonstop lifting. But the Rams won the game by touchdown. Let's fate would have it those same two teams met in the Super Bowl that season defense for New England completely different. They never blitz. One time in the entire game. All focused was on stopping Marshall. Faulk the best play on the St Louis Rams team leading rusher leading receiver and a t record-setting touchdown score. You never scored a point the patriot defense not lifting and concentrating on fog shut down the Rams offense and New England won the game on a late field goal. So right now, you know, the Bill Belichick is planning something for the Rams and their best player. On the other side of the ball, the offense and defensive tackle Aaron Donald. He's gonna see some blocking schemes. He's not familiar with. Tom Brady does not like a pass rush up the middle. I mean, no quarterback does particularly Brady. And that's what Aaron Donald does. He comes from up to middle. And no one's better at it. The patriots have not dealt with a player of his caliber.

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