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It was falling apart. Okay. The financial times which unsurprisingly has b.'s about money? Yes, inheritance tax dubbed most hated tax which I've never fully understood. But anyway, the good news from my perspective, which is biased and inheritance tax has hit a record high last year. Five point, two billion pounds collected that's due to rising property prices on. This is an unfortunate loss. Coupley is side, but it's also risen because of a spike in deaths during winter months because more people are dying and obviously the inheritance tax. What's your be against people who have a beef with inheritance most if you believe in equality of opportunity that we all born and we should all have as an equal opportunity as we possibly can to get on in life. The fi th some people in just giving huge sums of money that they haven't done anything. They don't deserve it anyway. Just happen to be from their parents is. Absolutely bunk because you can't believe in equality of opportunity on have these huge gifts. So I think in how should increase not decrease if you genuinely believe in equality, something different though about, you know, the the family estate as it were at a state, gives it a very grand name often, you know a semi detached house, but you know the fact that this is something if I'm a any given a mother or father were both has strived for struggled for their entire lives, and they want to pass it on its entire recy- kid. It's totally understandable. Human emotion. You've just got to be intellectually honest about and say, I can more about benefits singling out and benefiting my children than I do about creating a quality opportunity, and that's fine. That is a moral opinion, and that's obsolete fun. But people on honest about seven. An interesting and unless this on that situation finishes off with something, amusing while I'm gonna leave this to you. Oh, open the page. So this is the full Monty surreal sketch found in Palin treasure trove in the time. So basically, Michael Palin and a hidden unused sketch in Monty python and the holy grail films that didn't ever make us. So if you to into page nine these days, it would have been released as a kind of a YouTube special. Exactly. But instead we me and you're going to recreate. Okay. So if you to into page nine, which. Yoga play the news Rita. Why that seems wrong. Looking in the right place. Okay. So you so this is a wild west sketch a news reporter, which is you from you'll going to stagger the desert on the news. I just happened to be in a bar. Exactly. So you'll you'll you walk into this hall saloon style. Buy on off. You go very hot today. Yep, one hundred ninety to one hundred ninety two degrees. Yep. One hundred ninety two degrees. Good God. That's nearly boating point. Not around Hayward. I it's what we call lukewarm will I'd like alone cool beer please and put a couple more on ice for me. Ain't got no drink his. This is a bookshop. The last bookshop before you get to Mexico. I'm not saying. I don't get it. Actually it does continue, but I won't even going to subject anyone anymore to dramatic. So that's it. So unbelievably sketch never made it into Monty python. Yeah, we got to hear it. Special Lewis phone Jones. Thank you very much for.

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