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But other than that that's not enough to be a playoff team. You've gotta have more decisive games in not pulling out all these at the end. And that's exactly what happened if they would've won one more of those games. They're not in the situation, but they put themselves in the. Situation. And they've got nobody to blame but themselves we've got no we need to blame but themselves them. So that point we just gotta hope that they do the right things and come back, and we have a a thousand nineteen veto. Yeah. George New Year's. Yeah. They would've won the chargers game. We'd be having a different conversation though. That was a game. They should have one. You know what? They win that charges game. I don't know if they lose the Oakland game. I I think I think there's a domino effect too. But that makes me wonder then if they if they win the. If they win the New England game. So I mean, there's there's so many. I mean, if that we can look at but this is the situation we're in right now. Unfortunate. But it happened. You know, what let's go back to your your earlier thought excuse me with hope it just makes them humble and they come back with a fire in. That's that's all always gonna look at now in something crazy happens, which we none of us think that it will. But you would think that if somehow that they get in then they're going to. You wanna see different mindset and something different than what we saw in field tonight. Even though ended with a win. But thank you so much for everything. It's been a great, even and we'll talk to you more. Thank you. That'd be new you and your families. Sam you. Well, yeah. Definitely happy new year to beat the we appreciate all his contributions. Tony where does this teen go from here? Well, I had. You have two different direction with the the. Kief out there. He can't continue this same. Thing with with the defense. You have to hear it to him. And to me that that's the only place, you know, I think had a good year. And I think you say the office according, but you definitely have to chain coordinators. I if I'm. Aren't really the second definitely have to go in a different direction on defense. Well, you know, there are going to be some other changes on the team Lou one glaring. I don't know. And I don't really think that Ramon foster comes back next year. So I can actually see them looking for a nother offense lineman. If he does come back Joe come back on the very cheap. He will be cut. They cut ties with them. And maybe late later in the offseason, they would bring him back. But that's just remains to be a question. Mark there don't know of Marcus Gilbert. I feel like we didn't really have work is over on this team all year anyways. I know he played in some games. I don't expect Marcus to be back. You know? I'm looking down. I'm walking down the roster. I don't know. Vance McDonald situation, I he can possibly be a free agent. But I'd love to see him back crisp. Boswell? That's a big question. Mark. I know they would him a lot of money, but. Do you really want to? Play that game again next year. We could talk. That's something. We haven't talked about yet is it's Chris Boswell almost makes me wonder if. I mean have you heard anything yet? Because I don't believe he was injured. He was talking on Thursday. Like, he feels like he finally turned the corner next to, you know, us on I r so I think that was a mental health move. I don't know. Yeah. It was pretty weird because you hear you heard nothing all of a sudden Napa famous with with with the the kicker going to week seventeen. So I'm thinking, it was more like you said, I mental health issue. And and they were gonna you know, see what happens in twenty nineteen. Well, also to me it smells of the game. They played all year with him. They brought they brought tickers twice this year to try to scare him. I believe this was a move. This is a low impact moved to say, hey, you're replaceable. And although. Lee still went through. They weren't perfect. They work pretty, but they all went through the kickoff were were rough. But you know, no problem. But for me, I mean, I still think it's the game. They're playing with them..

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