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I told him I said if we're doing this match. It's an old school match but the the skirt on the rain where you can go into the ring and get chairs and all that stuff. Those are always fun. Doesn't match all you WANNA do a hell of a sale or we just talk about old school. Helen sell roles cage where remember the the cage was just around the ring and it was an open top? Which when he talking about open-top? That's old school right there. You can jump on Top. Yes you can do the snooker leap from the top of the cage. I saw him. I think hit by back with that. And I've been Bob back out no way so well. I want to ask you about the after party. The the question we started the after Party with and Daddy says he should join the after party. One time. That'd be great The after party question was is there been a player in the NFL. The you've ever watched alley. Apples preserving employer the watched in the national football league. He said Man I would love. That guy was a member of the steelers. So never played a snapper Pittsburgh but just always had that steeler field to him. Is there any player that comes to mind? Yeah Yeah there's a player that comes to mind. Nothing you know still fans might be upset when I say it But a player that comes to mind for me was a guy in the division. And that's Mr Deer. Antler themselves Rayleigh Man Ray Lewis just he imagined Ray Lewis as that Ray Lewis plan for the steelers man. He had been deified in Pittsburgh statues everywhere and he'd have just been in the long line of steeler. Great Linebackers Lambert Lois Ham. I mean he'd have been great as a stealer even awesome. Imagine a defense with him and Troy Paula. Malo in the same defense and have been crazy. That have been crazy watching him. Just go nuts and kill people. Oh my goodness well. Let's let let's not. That does. Excuse me loops me. Let's not get into the The Atlanta situation with the white the white suit. And all that stuff but yeah. It's funny you say. There was a division rival actually went in division two. I know that day said Michael Stopped. The fullback was always a favourite is odd Stanford and Anthony Davis said Brian. Anthony Davis said ROB Gronkowski. He's put that right in on his team. I want to see what that would look like and that's dangerous. I said I went with the fun route. Because if I'm writing articles about the team and I want someone that's interesting but fun and I love the way I love this guy. I really did I Love Shadow. -Ture Cinco Man. Chad Johnson was Jericho to me. I you know what he was playing dangles. I thought he was so he actually made the game. He brought some some. He just made it lighter. You know it wasn't so serious for him he sent i Taylor Pepe Abysmal before the game. You know and I asked the guys on the show I said. Who's the last player that you can remember the national football league that just joked around with the media? You know the just had fun playing a game and they could think of anyone. They couldn't think of anyone because it's gotten so serious and so crazy with the business and the money they're making. I get all that I said. GimMe Chad Johnson. He'd be great for the website he'd be great for the PODCAST. I love to have on the steelers if we could go around again every troy palmolive on the same defense get at tandem. Ever how about this one? I guess it's the one well you know me. And clicking how about this guy for the steelers derail and he's from Pittsburgh whip these aliquippa so that that have been nuts so to sizzle would have been not for the steelers to sizzle. Would've been nuts on the field as well out. I would've loved to have sizzle. Plus been might not be hurt right now with sizzle hadn't hit him so many times So sizzle would have been great on. The steelers consider was funny to like sizzle fully embraced the whole rivalry in sizzle. Brought it. I mean since O'Brien every time out when he played the steelers and steeler fans could appreciate Lewis and sizzle because they play the game physical fashion. They gave their all. And you know just hearing Ray Lewis say the steelers were overrated after been threw six touchdowns against them. It was just hilarious. I'm like dude. He threw sixty S on your head. How are they overrated? It's fun to talk about that type of stuff now. The last thing on talk about because the other shows Lance did he. Yeah I said it and he talked about. What was your topic this week man? I'm not sure that was Friday. I had a lot of proper number twelve this weekend. L. is now those. Actually those actually Thursday you recorded on Thursdays. We have a little bit more time. Go back and check his. He is said it'd be still burning questions. If talked about Antonio Brown on this show but I the last question I have actually doesn't involve football your sports guy. You're a baseball guy. I want to get your thoughts on the Houston. Astros cheating scandal thoughts that being a former baseball player. I played baseball probably from about seven to about eighteen American Legion pony ball all that stuff trying to walk on in college. All that stuff played tons of baseball. They really cheated. I mean we stole signals in high school and we had ways in which we can relay signals but it was during a game when didn't have a dad regal at an auto on illegal but we didn't have code breaker and all this stuff. What impressed me the most about? The Astros was that they were laying signals on the road. Like how do you still guys signals on the road? They were beating trash cans like war. Drums I mean it's really bad and I'm old school. Baseball Dude It's Chin music. All Year specially. If I'M A divisional team I'll is. Tim Uses Sweet Chin Music every game all the time. If I was an onerous say look man. We'll pay all your fines. All your eyes will go to charity. Hopefully that's how baseball does it. But don't worry it won't come out of your pocket is Sweet Chin Music all season and I'm not one for taking championships but man. This is about as close as it gets and hearing Korea. Defend out to vase said out to. They didn't cheat he didn't really want like look out of here. What all that your word is trash and I feel like manage should just be a trail of tears for him for the entire season. That guy should be getting pumped every game every series all season. Like you. Just gotTa take it for this year and you know. Hey you want to cheat you gotta deal with the repercussions and I'm old school. I'll be thrown at them guys all the time especially Al too. Vague Korea in some of those guys are man every day with get it they get one behind the head ears bouncing up a man it would just be. It would be really bad. We would go after those guys every series every game at least the first quarter to seize. Yeah absolutely no doubt man. I look I played as long as you did I was a catcher all through my from the moment the kids started to pitch icons I graduated and I got a couple Couple colleges looked at me. He didn't have the major. I was looking forward so I decided I didn't play. I played Lacrosse in college still I played baseball until college. And as a catcher you understand that science stealing signs is not illegal. Good teams do that. They steal the third base coach signs. They find out what the indicator is on their signs and they can tip off players for they might become in or they're going to do a hit and run or they might be trying to steal here and you you call it pitch out as it's a chess matches the inside game baseball. That's why people say that they don't like baseball is because they don't get it. They don't understand the thought process of you know run around. I to to count. What is the pitcher thinking? What are they GONNA do here? They're going to run a fastball. High and inside to try to get him swaying. Are They GonNa go away as a catcher like because you have to be that type of player? That's thinker. That is the reason why when a catcher knows runner on second you go to whatever indicator you want it could be I nine third fourth put down of as many as you want and that says they can't steal the sign because there were teams that we play even in high school and we were very good team that they would tip the cap process. Jersey tells you what pitch is coming. That's not illegal man the stuff they were doing. How do they absolve the players? But I'm saying Redick I don't get that at all it's we did. You Got Guy Mad at us on you. Got Managers Getting fired losing jobs the players are just like just another start of a new season is just absolutely ridiculous. You know what my indicator would be when I played the astros if I was the opposite team it be boof on Google. That would be my indicator that would be my indicator. My indicator might be my middle finger. Like you know what's coming. Let me indicate this you better duck because guess what I'm going to bring somebody in that. We can get suspended because they're like the twenty eighth picture that we don't care in. His job is going to be to throw at certain guys just flat out like like absolutely it would be all school retribution it. There's limits to cheating. You know famously. If you ain't cheating you ain't trying that mean there's this difference than than than having vastly on the bid so you can get extra snap and spin on your breaking ball. That's different than what the Astros were doing. I was as I've learned more about it. I was like wow. These results aren't legitimate. These are not legitimate hitter at the skill of out to day. If he knows everything. That's coming you're going to get him out still 'cause it's baseball but it's going to be a lot harder it it's GonNa be a lot harder. He's probably going to hit above three hundred against you easily. If he knows what's coming I don't care who you are. He's he's going to beat you. Yeah look at the splits. These astros players had home versus on the road. Now you said they were stealing signs on the road as well but it weren't as concocted is a word home and that little that little tiny ballpark that they have there in Houston with that Short Porch in left field. But it's one of the situations was like holy cow. They're hitting four hundred at home and they're hitting one thirty on the road when they get to the play offs. Oh my God. This is so blatant. All right. Do what it says. Come on lands. They'll be letting that hate. Lee Hit to hurt guys now. See Baseball can baseball football. You take care of stuff yourself. You know it's one of the situations where you say you know..

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