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Who Comes Away with the lead? He left a rail open for Americans who quicken through nice play and now Americana says hit the Front Violence City downside with silver ratio. The needs to go violence. City to America's Americana stemming side with the laid back. The second is violent city. It was a hall of fame ride from a hall of fame runner America in front second violent city third with silver ratio then cost basis and one twenty three and to welcome back to the forum presented by Red Brand Fence. Mike Pence Berna the backstretch. That was pete. Ilo Americanise victory in an allowance. Race at Gulfstream on February twenty-second. He's back in action in the unbridled stakes. Later this afternoon I will visit with his trainer. Mark Hennig coming up in just a few moments but first it is time for this week's edition of calling. All three year olds presented by spendthrift narrow spendthrift farm presents calling all three year. Olds with Bobby. Newman the big focus. This week surrounds. Which horses will compete in the great one? Arkansas Derby next Saturday may second or maybe I should say which horses will get to compete in the race. The oaklawn starting Gate Holtz fourteen horses maximum and as of now there are at least sixteen horses being considered for the nine Furlong affair. Let's start with Mr Big News Farmington Road and TAKE SEAN BY VIRTUE OF THEIR ONE. Two three finish in the OAKLAWN stakes on April eleventh. They receive automatic berths to the Arkansas Derby that leaves eleven spots remaining to the horses with the highest career. Earnings that probables list from highest earnings down includes Breeders Cup Juvenile Winter Storm. The court Louisiana Derby winner wells by you rebel chantale southwest stakes winner. Silver prospector readers. Cup runner-up Ano- door rebel runner-up accession Tampa Bay Derby winner. King Guillermo Gouverneur Morris Blackberry wine shooter. Shoot an up and comer pneumatic the two currently on the outside looking in our my friends beer and charlatan but several factors could change. Who GETS IN. And WHO DOESN'T I trainer? Bret Calhoun indicated that Mr big news may forego is automatic. Berth and skipped the race opening the door for one of the bubble horses on the other side of things three year olds like hopeful winner basin and breeders futurity champ. Max Field could be entered and since they both have ample earnings that would knock a few near the bottom of the list from.

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