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Then are you guys great? For the mail bag. I will want us there. Yes. Right yeah. Really WanNa stay for your free. Jacob is going to be upset with you. I. I had so much fun talking you all. Are Great and then. If you win, you also get to put something in the fish bowl or put take something from the fishbone. Put it onto the wheel. which was GONNA? Rob Rob. Let's explain how this pointless around works go very quickly. Okay! You're only going to get one pointless or zero point answer. You can get any three answers from the four categories below. Keep US multiple choice. How does this going to work? Okay, so what we'll do here is going to name four categories, and you could do three of you say oh I really that category. I'm going to guess all three answers from that one. We could do one one one. You can do to one zero whatever you want that. Four categories can read the four categories. Wrap, please. They are the periodic table. You at the description also. Yeah, we'll tell you how. Many elements on the periodic table as you possibly can think of in one minute. That was for the listeners. You're just guessing one element, but that's what they were instructed to do okay. Four. Shoes Oh v. e., dot, which the were instructed to name as many five letter words that end with the letters O., v. e., as you can think of in one minute a category number three is fresh prince. We asked listeners to name as many words that have six or more letters in the theme song to the TV, show the fresh prince of Bel Air, as you can think of in one minute, it's specific. And number four was best actress. We asked our listeners to name as many best actress Oscar winners. You could possibly think of in one minute now they are going to give us one answer, and that they are trying to find answers three inches from any from any of those four. It could be if they really know. Let's say the fresh prince of Bel Air. They can guess all three from there or if they don't know that at all they could do. They could bounce around, but by the way I know that seems like strange question, but that is a very pointless question. That was I. believe even suggested from Lucre Melbourne. That specific question. Okay. That is exactly what they do. Yeah I'm still confused on what they are what they're doing, so they're to guessing three answers, and only one of them has to be pointless. They all have only. Only one of them has to be pointless of the first ones pointless they win. They don't even have to keep going okay. They need one zero point answer, so it's an element on the periodic table, a letter that's five plus words or more than ends and Ovalles but not glove. Because that was example I gave him the question. a word in the theme to the fresh Prince of Bel Air that has at least six letters, Not.

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