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Will break out in Libya and has anything changed. Even now we go. We fight. Some people die. We burning them. We start again. Another world. You know the same circumstances Join me, Tim. You'll for the rule of the gun, part two of Libya's revolution. On the campus after the news. Hello. I'm Debbie Ross with the BBC news. 20 men go on trial in Paris today accused of involvement in the worst post war atrocity in France. The Islamist attacks of November 2015 130 people were killed and hundreds wounded when teams of jihadists targeted bars restaurants. Sports Stadium and a concert hall in the French capital. Among those appearing in court is Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving gunmen. Our correspondent Hugh Scofield, is in Paris. It's been turned into a historic event. The whole of the yield last day here in central Paris has been sealed off by security. There's the special court room that has been put up inside and it is going to be filmed, and it will therefore not just be a place where justice is delivered. At a place where the facts will be documented surrounding this Event, this event that scarred the nation. Dozens of women have marched through the streets of the Afghan capital, Kabul, demanding rights a day after the Taliban announced a new interim government with no female representatives. Some were carrying a banner with the photo of a pregnant policewoman who was killed by gunmen over the weekend at her family home in the central province of Gore. With more on the latest protests. His Yogi Salameh, This is something we're seeing almost every day from Afghan women now defying everything in the face of Taliban forces who are coming out and firing gunshots in the air, in some cases, beating them. They're still marching the streets we've had Dozens of women not just in Kabul but in Badakshan province as well coming out today We are hearing that those protests have been dispersed by the Taliban, and that some protesters and some reporters who were covering those protests have been detained. Hong Kong police have detained four leaders of the pro democracy group behind the territories. Tiananmen Square massacre vigils. The Hong Kong alliance had refused to cooperate with sweeping demands for information and Hong Kong is national security law. Police wanted the personal details of all members going back to its founding in 1989. Fire at an overcrowded jail in Indonesia has killed 41 inmates. Some were locked in their cells when they died. The fire began at Tang around jail on the outskirts of Jakarta In the early hours of Wednesday, Television footage showed flames ripping through one wing of the complex or prison staff were able to flee. From Jakarta is the BBC's value. Barra Putri. Fire ravaged at least one block, which was block C of the prison and all inmates at block C or drug conflicts. There were 122 inmates at Block C. While the maximum capacity is 40 people, and there were only 15 guards on duty not for one block, but for the whole building. You're listening to the world News from the BBC. West African leaders are due to hold a virtual summit to discuss the military takeover in Guinea on Sunday. There are indications they may suspend Guinea from the regional grouping ECOWAS or impose sanctions on the new military rulers. Ahead of the meeting about 80 prisoners had been opponents of the ousted president Alpha Conde, freed from the capital Conakry. Here's Al Asan Scylla. All decisional things happened yesterday, the release of these political prisoners and in their home region of President Alpha Conde in in a place called cankles. People came out and danced and rejoiced. And I think people are beginning to look forward rather than backwards, and they think him they should accept this new military ruler and see what happens to their lives next. Voting is underway in parliamentary and local elections in Morocco following a campaign dominated by the economic impact of the coronavirus, The moderate Islamist party PJD has led coalition governments for the past decade. But correspondents a new voting rules mean it could lose ground. Real power in Morocco continues to lie in the hands of King Mohammed, the sixth he chooses the prime minister and key ministers. A magnitude seven earthquake has hit the Pacific coast of Mexico close to the resort of Acapulco. The quake was felt strongly in parts of Mexico City, sending residents and tourists onto the streets from homes and hotels. One person was reportedly killed by a falling post. Energy ministers from Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt are meeting today in a man to discuss a US backed plan to ease Lebanon's crippling energy problems, is hoped that Egyptian natural gas and Jordanian electricity can be transferred overland via Syria to Lebanon. Which is suffering its worst ever economic crisis. The ministers will try to agree the details of their rescue plan. It has the potential to provide eight hours of electricity a day. BBC news. You're listening to the compass on the BBC World Service with me, Tim you'll and this is the rule of the gun, part two of our series on Libya's 2011 Revolution and its aftermath. We.

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