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To do the job and you gotTa Jump Monkey and you'd lane on the same spot or whatever it was and it blew they. Moen's yes I they just there. Was this bit a film Greg. Who's a a can naughty little due to be fair. He's doing this fight scene. So allie whitten comes flying in flat out skids into him high solids into this and it's just like a layer of soft sand. So then he said Greg. Conaco wheels And then the buggy comes in and stuff but to jump over him but they built this round like Sushi is the highest fucking bed like it wasn't even waist height but to jump over his head so we just got the bucket of the Italian Blah and put the wedge ramp up on that and his wedge round was like thirty centimeters like a foot wide nor these hidden at five. But when you turn a corner like thought is fucking narrow. Yeah like all. There's not much room for those toys. And like yeah like we need you to land. He so like okay. No worries and they're making a bit of a fuss about it on online. Just just tell me when to go. Yeah like it's not a problem of got my helmet and boots on like Mubarak's running. Just tell me when to go and then not use to it. It's just it's just two different worlds like overseeing freestyle motocross. Probably the most important part of your job is to land on the same fucking spot. Yeah like the sweet spot and it's to me is really on any standard estimates. Landon you about to me is of sweet spot in ten percent and you jump in seventy five seventy four. Whatever so jumped. It landed in Saint Place. Can you do that again? I'm not yet. Tell me when though worries off yeah. I never caught a like really surprised in just gone. Well it just this. This is not a problem. Would you do it again? I'll tell you that video or movie work. Obviously that video with Morgan. Because it's like a mate and he's into free they were a good crew like Morgan Damian. Like it was fun and we went out for a few days and everyone was appropriate. Laugh and walk in and she said to me like in the movie world. He was like these Gaza Fun. This is a mellow day off. Who's messaging you know one yet? Not right no just chicken to see if these things work and only just got this stuff on. I'm just looking at sapient equipment. Morgan these discuss this is like super mellow and easy. Go in and like yeah and someone else. It's all year lot riding today and I'm armed there in disbelief it while I'm here in light but what I do again I think both would you do other movies for other people. Probably if they spoke to me like a piece of shell began yeah. That's the problem. That's the problem. Odd have is because I've been my own boss from what the age of twenty one twenty two you know and I'd like to think I take the Piss a lot an all fucking rip into people and have a laugh but I would like to think. I've never spoken to anyone disrespectfully route. Yeah and there's a big difference. Even when the sense of humor gets a bit harsh an old probably should wander like in the chain revalue. We've obviously he's GonNa Laugh at this one but it's all in jest always Delvin so yeah when I hear stories about how people are getting screamed and shouted at Lufkin. Sworn in the ridiculous odd. Yeah that's not for me for me. Never do that to anybody. And are certainly. Don't want that in my direction. Say Nine exactly. It doesn't give maybe stuff but if you want to speak to me like a piece of shit that's fine I'll just fucking goto catering stuff my face and Fuck Afon. Nice and easy. As many as other fridges like that live in the fray stall law hip well speaking things doing things you like doing. We had red bull dirt diggers and that was a whole lot drive in diggers for fourteen hours a day and having a nervous breakdown while probably it probably was not law. If to be doing that one was good test. It was a good test it will exactly in onshore. You've learned a few of the character but the to protect the jumps I build. Oh no she didn't. Oh eight went. They rebelled dig is was sick. It was an event that speak even.

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