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Game goes on. It's a while night. Meanwhile while night, you know you coming on right after the Yankee right now thinking about what you're going to talk about. And you got an eventful baseball game going on. You got the Astros. Now taking care of business against the Boston Red Sox is they get to Chris sale and there for the one in the bottom half of the seventh inning. And from the Kanki standpoint, a lot of people are going to look at. Well, the team is playing so well in the absence of some of these star players, how you going to go about integrating them back into the? A lotta not a tough thing to do with Aaron judge not a tough thing to do with eating gory. And it's not a tough thing to do with Giancarlo Stanton. He's all store like players, you get them back into the fold back into the mix. But who think that the adjustment period for Stanton is very different than D judge? And why is it different because judge homegrown? Belove by defense Dedi, even though he's not homegrown. He's been the leader of this team. He's been caught. He's earned his quote unquote pinstripes. So Stanton's, the guy, you look at, and you say, we had thirty seven home runs, but you come across feeling, like, you'll most had a disappointing first year in a Yankee uniform because he failed in court situations because he was terrible in the postseason against the Boston Red Sox. That's why four is like, who is the microscope going to be on front and center, it's going to be front and center on Giancarlo Stanton. As soon as he comes back. I don't think Yankee fans will pin blame on Aaron judge. I don't think they'll pin blame on gregorious. That much feeling towards the guy who is a. Two hundred and fifty plus million dollars in coming from Miami who. One MVP of Miami. And much like any of the hired guns in Yankees pass than till you deliver until you perform, you're not gonna win over the fan base, but said to New Haven, Connecticut. Your role is up next on a foul Cheryl. Are you doing Jay? What's bro? What's that? Longtime this there and do the show got times one on one on one on the Knicks? Team. Well, we get it anyway. Back to New York the Knicks anybody expecting to get van Williamson, but plan b we didn't get him. So. It's a day. That played good one is in the Jinyan is named hundred and I think he impact way of putting Knicks he can you can guy Winston athletic any quest to. Yeah. Defense to Tate wishing for the jets. Right direction. Wave's either intact player you're going to be attacked playing for the jets and you're gonna preach it the fans going to say. Well, listen, everyone Java jets last year defensively coming over from the Tennessee titans. I'm not gonna fight you on that. I am going to disagree on Jay haunt. That would not be guy. I'd prioritize compared to RJ Barrett. If you tell me the Knicks are going to end up with the third pick in the draft and you're not going to trade that third picking draft. I just think the of sun ceiling for j Barrett. It's four great Indiana, Jay hunter, I think the hundred could be a nice role player in the NBA four is like an all star type ceiling. I just think it's an easier case to make that RJ. Barrett possesses such skill set. I'm not sure if Jay haunted does, but they bury he didn't show up in a in. Play with him. Well any tournament he struggled from the foul line. He was not very efficient especially in the final game against Beijing and state. But remember the hunter put a lot more tournament games. Do attends de'andre hunter had done very little about thirty thirty five minutes and it came alive. If you remember, any overtime session against Texas Tech did nothing in the first half of that game fact, I remember tweet now when I was watching that game live, I said, Jerry covert, Dan, Jonah. Two guys they're going to be lottery picks. Whenever plays and performs better in the second half probably gonna win again. And as it turns out, it was down Jay. And sure enough for junior ended up putting a game. And overto- classic national championship game back in April. The ceiling though is high if a Barrett regardless of the NCAA tournament and be careful with that because I always love to give this example, because one the premier play by play guys in the entire country on eagle reminisce about this quite a bit because he did this game. And I was doing student radio at the time in Syracuse when Syracuse was at three seen they would take it on Zona state, and it was two thousand nine and James horn. If you remember was the star of that Zona state team James Horne corn appoint worse. Warrants against Syracuse. He was turned up all over. He was inefficient from the field. He couldn't hit a shot put like cartridge. And I remember watching that game and incoming on doing Syracuse ASA. That guy's going to be number two, and number three, pigging Jaffe kidding me. But that's why can always overreact to what you see in the NCAA tournament. And that's why these scouts in these town evaluators. They're not just going to look at tournament games. And say this is why we'll make an draft pick. Remember even though I'd rate Zion high j Barrett. RJ Barrett was a guy coming into college was the number one overall high school recruit. So how much changes within said, Tumen Alpin, John next on a foul. Yeah. Jay, Johnny baby. How you doing, bro? Pretty good. I wanna talk about the Yankees first second and coming back, you gotta look at guys like shell. Everybody's fallen in love with him. I think he's the God think he's a savior. He sees the next Derrick jeeter. But you gotta understand the Yankees of very good problem right now. Are you guys like me? Then you have guys like your shelhah even Kansas morale is coming in. They're all stepping up when when guys like stand judge get back. You really think that Giovanni or shell is gonna play every day over in Gregorian? That's not gonna happen. I don't think standing down your last year. He had some problems the postseason. He was, you know, you didn't perform the clutch, but thirty seven thirty eight home runs hundred the is, is not a bad year. I can't say it's a bad year. John. That's fair. But it kind of felt like an unfulfilling season if you know what I mean. I mean, remember he was coming off era had fifty seven homers and one an MVP for the Miami Marlins. He was now bad for the Yankees last year. But. It was just one of those years where you felt like he did not play as well as the numbers would indicate does that make sense. That makes sense. Then he'd been such a good player for such a long time coming off to MVP year. When you're hitting forty home run thirty seven is gonna seem like a down year and he's gonna have some time to get back into it. He struck out over two hundred times last year. And that's a big blow. And you look at a guy like judge striking out one fifty he's not gonna have as big of a problem coming back. But you gotta make the decision to trade, maybe or shelhah trade a Clint Frazier. Get a piece like a medicine. Bumgarner, the big left, you have always been a fan of 'cause Sobat down packing down. You're still gonna miss Severino. So the all star break, you gotta start making decisions about some of these players that are on the roster right now that you're gonna have to start replacing when guys like Stanton and judge that, and I don't think the fans have have woken up to that. Listen. John, I think you can go about it in two ways, I don't think you necessarily would have to give up GR shelhah to go get Madison Bumgarner. I agree with you. Bumgarner would be high on my list. I love what he brings in the month of. October. He's a gamer. He is the best postseason pitcher. I've seen in my lifetime and what I love about Bumgarner Jenin. I appreciate the call is that he could have the of career renaissance that Verlaine there is having an Houston is he going to be as good as has been in Houston? Of course, of course, not to some Bumgarner is going to perform at Justin, Valente level is ridiculously unfair. But I do think putting him back into a winning environment could change things a little bit for him. And I think his life start against the Atlanta Braves shows you could hitting team. He shut down that he can still pitch and that he could still pitch any pretty high level. But or shell it is the play every day that Aaron Boone, basically said he would. But I would argue with TJ LeMay you with Didi gregorious glacier, Torahs, the best role for GIO show would be a guys playing a little bit here. We'll there and still could have some big hates in some big moments along the way is Yankee team. Said sixteen here on this Friday evening stage after die. Chassis Stansky keeping you company right here on the fan. Eight seven seven thirty thirty seven sixty six sixty six a lot more on the Yankees and fairs with injuries. If there's one return that will be a little awkward and complicated as Giancarlo Stanton without a doubt, the front runner when it comes to that element. We got the bottom half tonight, didn't come up with the Mets and the Tigers and Dodson pick for game six the raptors in the bucks so that more next here on right now. It's out with the.

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