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To twitter had increased by thirty three percent year over year but our engagement had dropped by that same percentage we had eroded our reach down two point zero zero one organically because we had just been loading the channels else with content from every part of the business at any given moment on any given day <hes> to do free marketing right. Hey Hey we already got this content. From this digital ad were post. Were sharing this month. Let's hosted and by the way let's also post not only twitter facebook and leaked in an instagram while we're at it and boy will just increase our reach exponentially so we have finally reached that point thanks to a lot of rate work by our divisions who are mark managers had known where this needed to go but this was really about helping leadership ship and the enterprise and corporate teams understand just how much more effective they could be with some paid. Hey targeting <hes> and how helpful it could be if we could start using those channels organically to build that brand rapport and what they're trained to do on the back end more more is less is sort of the situation that we found ourselves in and I think it's a great point. Jan is one of the things we tell our clients. All the time is that you know it's unlike other types of marketing and that if you have a strategy that's older than a year. You don't really have a strategy at all right. You're just you just might as well do random things because what worked in twenty eighteen certainly in two thousand seventeen..

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